‘She-Hulk’ Episode Eight Recap: “Ribbit and Rip It”

*Warning: This piece contains spoilers for episode eight of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law*

Episode eight of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law begins with Eugene Patilio/Leap-Frog (Brandon Stanley) trying to take down a pair of thugs when suddenly his suit’s rocket boosters falter while he’s midair. Eugene wishes to file a suit against the suits creator: Luke Jacobson (Griffin Matthews)

At work, Jen (Tatiana Maslany) is assigned this case, much to her chagrin as Luke is designing a gala dress for her and she doesn’t want the case to interfere with their “strained professional relationship.” In court, Luke’s attorney is late, and when he finally arrives, he’s revealed to be none other than Matt Murdoch (Charlie Cox). Murdoch contends that Eugene used jet fuel to power his suit, something he was explicitly warned not to do, and the case is dropped. Later that evening, Jen and Matt get drinks at a bar. 

Later on, Jen receives a call from Eugene saying that he’s being attacked by an unknown person. Jen arrives as She-Hulk to come to Eugene’s aid. The assailant Jen is fighting turns out to be Daredevil, who reveals himself to Jen as Matt. He also reveals that Eugene has actually kidnapped Luke and is forcing him to make a new suit. She-Hulk and Daredevil break in, free Luke, and confront Eugene, who leaps out the window without a suit on, injuring himself and ending the debacle. Later in the night, Jen and Matt sleep together.

At the gala the next night, as She-Hulk is accepting her female lawyer of the year award, a broadcast from the Intelligencia site reveals embarrassing information about Jen and even shows footage of her in bed with Josh. She further Hulks out and destroys the screen to stop the broadcast. As she attempts to stop one of the Intelligencia members, she is stopped by armed agents.

Episode eight of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law brings action back into the equation, creating a nice buildup to next week’s finale. This episode also finally brings Matt Murdoch fully into the MCU equation, something fans have been long awaiting, especially after his Spider-Man: No Way Home appearance.

You can stream She-Hulk: Attorney at Law now on Disney+


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Written by Miles Foster

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