Interview: Imogen Poots on Exploring ‘Outer Range’ and Working with Anthony Hopkins

Actress Imogen Poots has had an impressive career, with early roles in films like V for Vendetta and 28 Weeks Later and signature supporting work in The Look of Love, Sweet Virginia, The Father, and other films. Her most recent part finds her opposite Josh Brolin in Prime Video’s Outer Range as a mysterious woman named Autumn who arrives on a Wyoming ranch with an equally mysterious black void.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Poots about the allure of her new series and how much you should know ahead of time:

“I’m a fan of going into something completely blind because your expectations are level. But I suppose it’s helpful to know that it’s not a straightforward Western, so you don’t get super disappointed when the old void crops up, but I think in general it’s best to go into things completely blind.”

On the privilege of getting to work with Anthony Hopkins, Poots shared:

“The thing that struck me the most was how generous he is…I keep finding myself spoiled with my company. He was so honest and very ready to talk about anything from his past and anything he could offer. I also was very aware during the filming of it how much he had my back. I think he understood there was quite a lot of opportunity for something to be too static, and it just shows his experience that, like a stage actor, he was just thinking about the puzzle as it was put together and everyone’s different contributions to it. He was certainly one of those actors who’s looking at it from all perspectives.”

Listen to the full conversation below:

Season one of Outer Range is now streaming on Prime Video.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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