Interview: Jonathan Groff Chats About Coming Back to “The Wonder” of ‘Spring Awakening’

In 2008, I was incredibly lucky to see the original Tony Winning, Broadway Production of Spring Awakening. The Original Broadway Cast Recording had come out at the end of 2006, so by the time 2008 came around, I was already off-book, and could sing the show backwards and forwards. So to say I was excited to finally see this show live would be an understatement. What I experienced all those years ago would help confirm my love of musical theatre, and that I wanted to be a performer.

I was so inspired by these incredible actors, but especially, by Jonathan Groff. Even though I was just a kid, I knew that I just watched someone truly special. I knew that this person was important. And although I’m usually not right, this time I was. Since then, of course Groff has continued on to star in the Frozen films, The Matrix Resurrections, Mindhunter, Glee, Hamilton (Tony Nomination), and much more.

Every single thing he books, I am over the moon for him. Not just because he is a wonderfully talented performer and we should celebrate that, but something that was confirmed to me through this conversation… Jonathan Groff is just a truly good person, and to me, that’s worth much more.

In my conversation with Jonathan, we chat about what this show means to him, what it took to get there, but also, what is the ultimate snack when going to the movie theater.

Here is my interview with the incredibly talented and kind, Jonathan Groff.


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11 months ago

This is amazing. I’ve always loved him, and this made me love him even more!

11 months ago

Saw the original production also! One of my favorite shows of all time!



Written by Max Joseph

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