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A Country Again Mourns…Will Anything Come From It This Time?

Like so many of you, I’m heartbroken this evening. As if it wasn’t awful enough that we have another senseless mass shooting on our hands, barely a week after the last one, the latest American massacre is another school shooting. Any loss of life to gun violence in this country is tragic, but small children and a teacher? That’s so far beyond the pale that words fail. So, while I don’t have anything truly to say, beyond what we’re all feeling, my anger is as heavy as my sadness, so to keep silent about why this is allowed to go on and on in the United States is unthinkable to me.

Full disclosure: in addition to owning Awards Radar and being Editor in Chief, which certainly is pretty much a full time job, for several years I’ve also been a teacher. So, this hits close to home for me. Movie theaters and schools are always trigger points for me, no pun intended, because, well…it could have been me. I do wonder how many politicians and voters on the right consider this? How many of them would blindly protect gun rights if they knew they were literally putting their lives at risk?

President Joe Biden had touching words for the victims’ families earlier this evening. After all, few understand losing a child like he does. But he was also clearly enraged at the situation. So too was Senator Chris Murphy on the floor of the Senate. Why? Because they already know what’s going to happen. Republicans and the gun lobby will circle the wagons, saying there’s nothing to be done. They’ll be eager to offer up arming teachers, but uninterested in making it at all harder for troubled citizens to acquire weapons of war. So, we’ll just wait for the next tragedy.

I wish there was something more to be done, but what we can do is vote. Gun safety and the right not to be murdered should be on the ballot, just like the right for a woman to choose what to do with her own body. These rights are in danger and we could lose them. So, vote like your life depends on it, because it quite literally does…


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4 months ago

Thank you for this. No one should be silent now.

Robert Hamer
4 months ago

The thing I can’t get over is how three armed officers were at the scene, but just stood outside and didn’t engage the shooter at all, so an underpaid, overworked, constantly vilified teacher had to sacrifice her life to try to keep her kids safe.


[…] A Country Again Mourns…Will Anything Come From It This Time? […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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