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Interview: Haley Bennett Talks ‘Cyrano’ and Her Enchanting Turn as Roxanne

I love when someone gets a real showcase. With Cyrano, Haley Bennett is certainly getting a time to shine. She’s ethereal yet vibrant, giving Roxanne a real spark to her. It results in the turn being incredibly winning, helping to make the film the success that it is. This week has already featured director Joe Wright (here) and star Peter Dinklage (here) talking about the movie, so today it’s Bennett’s turn. She’s certainly one of the main reasons why Cyrano is so good, so this was a pleasure. The flick is finally about to be released, so the wait is almost over! Today, this latest chat is here to help pass the time.

In my review of Cyrano (here), this is some of what I said about Bennett and the cast:

Peter Dinklage is phenomenal here, delivering a career best turn. The same can be said for Haley Bennett, though Dinklage is the true star. He dazzles as Cyrano, allowing us to see his foolish pride equally alongside his winning charm and verbosity. It’s, for my money, the definitive interpretation of the character. Bennett makes Roxanne vibrant and strong, never once feeling like a simple damsel. The same goes for Kelvin Harrison Jr. and his way of making sure Christian is simple, but never a simpleton. All three showcase a good heart that leads the way. Supporting players, in addition to a scenery chewing but very fun Ben Mendelsohn, include Monica DolanGlen Hansard, Joshua JamesBashir SalahuddinRuth Sheen, and more.

Below, you can see my conversation with Bennett. We obviously talk Cyrano, with the focus being on how glad I am to see her in the role, as well as how she turned in such great work. She’s an incredibly charming young woman, as well as an exciting actress. When you see her in this film, you’ll be dazzled. Trust me there, though you’ll be seeing for yourself in a matter of days…


Here now is my interview with Cyrano co-star Haley Bennett. Enjoy:

Cyrano is in theaters this weekend!


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[…] Interview: Haley Bennett Talks ‘Cyrano’ and Her Enchanting Turn as Roxanne […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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