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Interview: Kelvin Harrison Jr. Chats About the Magic of ‘Cyrano’

In a short period of time, Kelvin Harrison Jr. has really made an impression. Whether it was in Luce, Waves (my personal pick for his most impressive work to date) or in several other projects, he’s proven to be an exciting young actor. Harrison Jr. is also excellent in, you guessed it, Cyrano, playing a different role than we’ve seen from him before. In fact, his work in the film should only make you even more excited for what’s to come from him. This whole week has been Cyrano week, with prior conversations on the site with director Joe Wright (here), as well as stars Peter Dinklage (here) and Haley Bennett (here). Now, it’s Harrison Jr.’s turn!

Below, you can see my conversation with Harrison Jr. This is probably the loosest of my Cyrano chats, since we’d spent a bit of time earlier on the day hanging out, following a press conference and breakfast event. Myself and colleague Wilson Morales were chatting with him, mostly just laughing about various things. So, I think that comes out in this discussion. I’m a big fan of his work, especially in the aforementioned Waves, but also here in Cyrano. When you all see the movie, which you finally can, you’ll see what I mean…

In my review of Cyrano (here), this is some of what I said about Harrison Jr. and the main cast:

Peter Dinklage is phenomenal here, delivering a career best turn. The same can be said for Haley Bennett, though Dinklage is the true star. He dazzles as Cyrano, allowing us to see his foolish pride equally alongside his winning charm and verbosity. It’s, for my money, the definitive interpretation of the character. Bennett makes Roxanne vibrant and strong, never once feeling like a simple damsel. The same goes for Kelvin Harrison Jr. and his way of making sure Christian is simple, but never a simpleton. All three showcase a good heart that leads the way. Supporting players, in addition to a scenery chewing but very fun Ben Mendelsohn, include Monica DolanGlen Hansard, Joshua JamesBashir SalahuddinRuth Sheen, and more.


Here now is my interview with Cyrano co-star Kelvin Harrison Jr. Enjoy:

Cyrano is in theaters now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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