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Oscar Voting Ends Today…And Then, We Wait

Tonight, voting closes for Phase One. At 5pm Pacific, the 94th Academy Award nominations will be signed, sealed, and delivered, aside from the waiting game. The Oscar nominations are coming next week, when all that the Academy and its membership opted to cite will be revealed. That morning will be monumental, but right now, it’s all about prepping for that moment. For me, it means finalizing predictions and overthinking everything. Your mileage may vary, but that’s what I’ll be doing, so I wanted to mark the time today. It’ll be a few days before you see my final Phase One coverage and picks, but trust me, I’m almost done with them, save for the aforementioned overthinking.

What we have now is, as you might guess, a waiting game. We’ve been here before, so just remember that. The next handful of days will be rife with speculation. However, try to put most of it out of your mind. If you have X predicted for something but see Y taking its place in my or someone else’s predictions that you trust, just stick with your gut. Changes after tonight, not to mention anything that happens during this period, just don’t matter. Whatever will be, will be.

If you want to see where I stand prior to finalizing my picks, you can go here. I don’t anticipate massive changes, but I also am writing this prior to diving into my lists, so anything can happen. Just follow the logic of it all. More often than not, that’s the smart way to go about this ridiculous game we call Oscar prognostication.

Sit tight for my final Oscar predictions on Friday. Thursday will bring a new episode of the Awards Radar Podcast where we’ll be talking about these picks. The Academy is making their final decisions, nomination wise, so I’ll be doing the same. Whether you make your own predictions or not, this is a very exciting time. All the legwork has been done. So now, we wait. When the results come in next week, we’ll be sure to cover, obviously. Get the popcorn ready, since there’s going to be some surprises, mark my words…

Stay tuned for the Oscar nominations next week!


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[…] Oscar Voting Ends Today…And Then, We Wait […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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