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Awards Radar Community: How Are You Feeling Now That Oscar Ballots Are In?

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Yesterday evening, ballots were due for the 94th Academy Awards. On Tuesday morning, the Oscar nominations will be revealed. Between now and then? It’s a waiting game. So, I figured it was a good time to take everyone’s temperature. Lo and behold, an Awards Radar Community Question was born. Now that we’re about to wrap up Phase One of the Oscar season, how are you feeling? Is it a time of joy? One of trepidation? Somewhere in between, perhaps? Different strokes for different folks, of course, so all opinions are viable. Today, that’s what we’re asking, so be sure to let us know…

In my piece yesterday (found here), I had the following bits of wisdom to impart now that Oscar ballots are in:

What we have now is, as you might guess, a waiting game. We’ve been here before, so just remember that. The next handful of days will be rife with speculation. However, try to put most of it out of your mind. If you have X predicted for something but see Y taking its place in my or someone else’s predictions that you trust, just stick with your gut. Changes after tonight, not to mention anything that happens during this period, just don’t matter. Whatever will be, will be.

Now, I turn things over to you. How are you all feeling with ballots in and the nominations only days away? That’s what’s on our minds. Are you excited? Nervous someone or something you love will get snubbed? A mix of both, perhaps? No answer is wrong, and frankly, it’s only natural for it to be all of the above. Stay tuned for the big reveal next week, but also sit tight for my final predictions soon!

Let us know how you’re feeling and stay tuned for the Oscar nominations on Tuesday morning…


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7 months ago

On the spectrum between excited and nervous, I am leaning towards very nervous. On the one hand, I will always be excited for the surprises. But on the other hand, until I know what those surprises are, I am looking at a field in which I only really care about the success of two movies: The Power of the Dog and Nightmare Alley. The former is so beyond safe that I couldn’t worry about it if I tried, so how I feel on nomination morning will rest entirely on the latter’s success. Which makes me ‘very’ nervous.



Written by Joey Magidson

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