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Interview: Talking About Season Two For ‘Secrets of Sulphur Springs’

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with several actors and the executive producers from Secrets of Sulphur Springs to discuss the show’s second season. Secrets of Sulphur Springs, created by Tracey Thompson, is a children’s mystery drama television series on the Disney Channel. You can catch up with the whole first season on Disney Plus! The mystery drama series takes place in the fictional Louisiana town of Sulphur Springs. Best friends Griffin Campbell (Preston Oliver) and Harper Marie Dunn (Kyleigh Curran) use a time portal to solve the mysteries of the haunted Tremont hotel. In addition, they help Savannah Dillon (Elle Graham) whose been missing from town for thirty years.


In the Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season Two, the two best friends follow the real Tremont Hotel ghost back to the 1930s to discover how Harper’s ancestors are connected to the hotel. When the time machine’s power source is unintentionally interrupted, Harper becomes trapped in the 1930s with her great uncle Sam Tremont (Ethan Hutchison) and great-great-grandfather Elijah Tremont (Robert Manning Jr.). Ethan Hutchison says, “Sam Tremont is a sweet and loving boy.” Hutchison found it transformative to play a character from the 1930s. He enjoyed learning new things about the past.

Harper’s doppelganger great-grandmother Daisy Tremont (Kyleigh Curran) navigates the present, including life, with her granddaughter-in-law single mother, Jesse Dunn (Diandra Lyle), with the help of Griffin. Preston Oliver spoke about how ” Griffin’s definitely like the tour guide.” He explained how Griffin must figure out how to get Harper back home while also helping Daisy feel comfortable in the present.


I spoke to Kyleigh Curran about playing two different characters this season. Curran remarked, ” I get to play double trouble this season. I’m excited! I get to play a character from the thirties, which is a lot of fun.” She did a bit of research about the 1930s to figure out Daisy’s mannerisms. Curran wanted to create contrast in the way Daisy and Harper speak. She explained the differences between her two characters to me this way,” When it comes to Harper, we know that she’s very determined and does anything for the people that she loves. And we also learned that she has a powerful sense of justice. When it comes to Daisy, she’s the opposite of Harper. She is very introverted.” She stated that Daisy is loyal to her family. However, both characters value morals and have artistic abilities.

During season two, the friends attempt to fix the time machine before everybody is trapped forever in the wrong time. Even Savannah from back in her new life in 1962 helps Harper and Daisy. Elle Graham explained, “Savannah, she’s kind of like providing information, like insider information that they might not know because she spends the most time in the sixties and there are some new characters introduced to her that she is sneaking some information from.” Graham told me that Savannah helps at the Tremont Hotel, spends time with her new family, and still aids Griffin. Savannah gives Griffin information to help Harper, but she also directly assists Harper.


Creator Tracey Thompson and Showrunner Charles Pratt Jr. shared some insights about Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season Two with me. Thompson stated that Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season Two ” is filled with mystery adventure, just like season one. However, it’s a little spookier than last season. We learned the history of the Tremont and why it’s haunted, and the connection Harper has to the hotel.” Pratt Jr spoke about why they chose the 1930s, “Well, racial relationships was the main reason we went back. You know what was it like to be a kid (during segregation)? What was it like to be an adult in a segregated society? We deal with it (segregation) in the most subtle as possible because this is not a preachy show.”


During everybody’s interview, I asked what three words they would use to describe the second season. Here are everybody’s answers:

Charles Pratt Jr: Spooky And Romantic

Tracey Thompson: Unexpected, Spooky, and Fun

Ethan Hutchison: Paranormal, Supernatural, and Fun

Kyleigh Curran: Paranormal, Emotional, and Sweet

Preston Oliver: Mysterious, Scary, and Fun

Elle Graham: Fun, Suspense, and Frustrating


Watch two back-to-back episodes of Secrets of Sulphur Springs Season Two on the Disney Channel today, FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. The entire season will premiere on Disney+ on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19.


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Written by Paloma Bennett

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