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Interview: ‘Mark, Mary & Some Other People’ Stars Hayley Law and Ben Rosenfield on Their Winning Romantic Dramedy

Back at the Tribeca Film Festival, I fell hard for Hannah Marks‘ latest movie Mark, Mary & Some Other People. I spoke to Marks around then (found here, and look for another chat with her tomorrow!) but it wasn’t until last week that I got a chance to talk with the stars of the flick. Yes, today brings my talk with actors Hayley Law and Ben Rosenfield. The film’s leads are absolute studs in Marks’ latest project, easily becoming one of the year’s best screen couples. You may have seen them both in other projects, but this is unlike anything else, providing them with incredible platforms. It was a pleasure to hop on Zoom with them, as you’ll see shortly.

Below, you can see my conversation with Law and Rosenfield. We obviously talk about their work in Mark, Mary & Some Other People (as a quick note, I reference both of my Marks interviews, the latter of which is next up on the site tomorrow morning), which is delightful. They’re quick to heap praise on Marks, but their own performances are still absolutely riveting. I still can’t recommend this one enough to you all, so be sure to seek it out…

In case you missed it, here is a bit from my Tribeca review of the movie:

Both Hayley Law and Ben Rosenfield are perfectly cast here. Bigger names like Gillian Jacobs and Lea Thompson cameo, but you’re going to fall in love with Law’s Mary and Rosenfield’s Mark. Marks makes them so well written and fully realized, but the cast then takes those roles and breathes extra life into them. This is easily one of the top screen couples of the year.

Here now is my interview with Mark, Mary & Some Other People stars Hayley Law and Ben Rosenfield. Enjoy:

Mark, Mary & Some Other People is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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