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Interview: Hannah Marks Discusses Her Wonderful New Movie

If my raves about Banana Split didn’t clue you in last year, I’m a pretty big Hannah Marks fan. The actress/writer/director is truly a unique talent in the industry, one whose star is very much on the rise. 2020 saw her co-write in star in that movie, while she has a new flick playing now at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival in Mark, Mary & Some Other People. In case you missed it, I gave it a rave review here, and now to supplement that, I present to you my conversation with Marks herself. We had a nice long chat about her films, how she sees the world, and much more.

In case you missed the review, here is a taste:

Hannah Marks is a true talent in this industry. The fact that she’s not better known as a creative genius is a pity, but one that is surely changing. Last year, her writing/starring effort Banana Split was one of 2020’s best, bar none. Now, she comes to the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival with a new movie. This time, she just writes and directs, putting all her focus behind the camera. The end result is a brilliantly entertaining flick in Mark, Mary & Some Other People. Marks takes a premise that could be wildly bungled and spins gold out of it. The end result is not just one of the festival’s best, but one of the year’s best films so far, overall.

Mark, Mary & Some Other People

Below, you can see my interview with Marks. We discuss both of her wonderful movies, along with plenty more. It’s a very loose conversation, which befits a chat with someone who writes dialogue as well as she does. Marks is fun, smart, and witty, to be sure. It makes for a really enjoyable talk, both on my end and hopefully for you all as well. There’s even a fun reveal on her part about a conversation I had last year with Gillian Jacobs. If you haven’t doubled back to check out Banana Split yet, do so now. Then, definitely be on the lookout for Mark, Mary & Some Other People, either at Tribeca or later on this year when it’s released by Vertical Entertainment. Trust me, it’s worth the wait, if need be…

Here now is my discussion with Mark, Mary & Some Other People filmmaker Hannah Marks. Enjoy:

Mark, Mary & Some Other People is playing now at the Tribeca Film Festival!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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