TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season 3 Episode 4: “Lion in the Meadow” Forced Reconciliation


In Succession Season Three Episode Four,” Lion in the Meadow,” directed by Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulicini, Waystar RoyCo shareholder Josh Aaronson (Adrien Brody) strongholds both Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) into meeting with him on his private island to prove they can get along. Josh doesn’t invest in “blood feuds.” He essentially wants to know that father and son can still work well together. Logan and Kendall are similar beasts, but the father’s experience gives him a leg up on faking emotion with shareholders. While surrounded by sexist men, Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook) fights to keep in power at Waystar RoyCo. The Roy family is in flux.


Logan and Kendall reveal how similar they are in ” Lion in the Meadow.” Right away, the creators of Succession show they are just different sides of the same coin visually. Both men wear similar outfits when flying out to Josh’s private island. Logan and Kendall don dark baseball caps, jackets, and jeans. The stiff Roy men contrast the relaxed Josh, who wears layered hiking garb around his home. The corporate gods play games with each other’s heads. First, Logan makes Kendall wait in his car as he enters his helicopter first. Then when the helicopters land at their private airport, he asks Kendall to take off on his private airplane first. The son knows Logan is making a power move. He doesn’t want to wait at the tarmac for Kendall.

 Kendall switches the script at the private island’s tarmac. The son’s private jet lands first on the island, where he is supposed to wait for Logan for a brief strategizing meeting. But, instead, Kendall races to Josh’s home to convince him to back not only the Roy family but him specifically during the annual conference for the shareholder’s vote. The only problem is that all these mind games that Roy’s family plays make it evident to Josh that the family is at war.


Logan is a savvier better businessman than Kendall. Kendall’s obscurations about sending Logan to jail don’t convince Josh that they get along. On the other hand, Logan knows precisely what Josh needs to hear. He promises the shareholder that it will be okay because Kendall is a “good kid” who he loves. Logan knows he will win at the end, but Kendall can take Waystar RoyCo over one day. Logan’s brusque tone manipulates Josh into believing that the Roy family is solid even with their current strife. Logan can weave straw into gold so well that Kendall appears to believe his speech too temporarily.

Logan has built up this charm offensive over decades in the limelight, but his age gets the better of him. Josh bullies Logan and Kendall into hiking all over his sunny island, which exhausts the eighty-three-year-old man. Logan doesn’t want to show any weakness in front of Josh, so he pretends that he can easily walk for miles without resting. Unfortunately, Kendall plays along with his father’s macho act because Logan insults him throughout the hike. In addition, Kendall refuses to give his father water when he finally asks for it. The lack of water and the heat causes Logan almost to pass out, showing how vulnerable he is to Josh.

Instead of caring for a sick Logan, Kendall tries to reassure Josh that his father passed out from heat exhaustion, not a more severe illness. Josh can’t believe that Kendall won’t focus on his father’s well-being. However, it’s clear that the son only cares about taking over the business. The combination of Logan’s poor health and the apparent fractured family bond causes the shareholder to lose confidence in Waystar RoyCo’s current Roy leadership.


Sexism at Waystar RoyCo hurts Shiv’s leadership bid. First, all the men at Waystar RoyCo, including her husband Tom, refuse to work with Shiv. Then, based on Logan’s demands, Shiv asks Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) to convince Greg to switch sides and order ATN news anchor Mark Ravenhead (Zack Robidas) to attack the president. Tom agrees to take on the tasks but refuses to take orders from Shiv.

Tom tries to use “corporate governance “as an excuse on why he doesn’t want to work under Shiv, but it’s clear that his “masculinity” is damaged by his wife being his boss. There is no reason other than systemic sexism for a man feeling emasculated because his sister, wife, girlfriend, or any woman is above him in the “org charts.” Shiv stands firm, not allowing her husband’s delicate ego to stop her from taking charge at Waystar RoyCo. Tom fails to convince Mark Ravenhead to change directions because he has independent editorial control. He doesn’t have the “Roy blood” juice to order Mark around. Shiv proves her intelligence and business savvy by personally convincing Mark Ravenhead to attack the United States president for Logan, showing that no man or company politics can stop her.


Will the Roy family lose control of Waystar RoyCo, or does one of the gods have some trick under their sleeve? Let us know what you think of “Lion in the meadow” in the comments below.


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Written by Paloma Bennett

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