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Awards Radar Community: What is Your Favorite DC Extended Universe Movie?

Yesterday, I ranked the films of the DC Extended Universe (here). Today, it’s your turn to chime in about the DCEU. Yes, this week’s Awards Radar Community post asks the following Community Question: what is your favorite DCEU title? Whichever movie in the DC Extended Universe strikes your fancy, that’s an answer we’re very interested in hearing about. Obviously, The Suicide Squad (one more time, my rave review is here) is now out in theaters and on HBO Max, so that could be a popular choice. However, it’s not the only answer (even if this question does eliminate the Christopher Nolan helmed Batman flicks and a one-off like Joker). Now, since this is more about you than me…let us get down to it!

There are two (now three) more common picks here, obviously. Up until this week, Wonder Woman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League would be the tops for most when it comes to the DC Extended Universe. Now, however, The Suicide Squad has crashed the DCEU party, so to speak. Once you see it, it may well take top honors. I know it did for yours truly. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I will say that you should, as it’s something special.

On the flip-side, if you’re a bit of a contrarian, perhaps something like Aquaman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Birds of Prey, Man of Steel or Shazam! takes top honors for you? They wouldn’t be as weird as picking Justice League, Suicide Squad, or Wonder Woman 1984, so don’t think that they’re going to be mocked. We’re all friends here, and as you probably saw yesterday, two of those place very highly for me…

There’s no wrong answer, obviously. Whether you have a common answer or not, we’re game to hear from you. So, chime in today and let us know what DCEU title is your favorite. Have at it folks!

What is your favorite title in the DC Extended Universe? Let us know!


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1 year ago

Birds of Prey is my favorite by a considerable margin. Loved it the first time already, but its been an absolute blast to discover on re-watch just how good it is with the set-ups/payoffs that elicited that response for me in the first place. In my book, it would have been nominated for 6 Oscars and then won for Costumes and Makeup. Dying for Cathy Yan to come back for another.



Written by Joey Magidson

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