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‘Loki’ Episode Five Recap: “Journey Into Mystery”

*Warning: This piece contains spoilers for episode five of Loki*

Our journey into the mysteries of Episode 5 begins swiftly. Loki follows his fellow pruned Lokis away from the cloudlike creature Alioth, who guards the Void–a place at the end of time where the pruned are banished to–and vanquishes those who attempt to escape.

Back at the TVA, and at knifepoint, Renslayer shares her knowledge of the void with Sylvie as Sylvie takes her TemPad. Renslayer feigns enthusiasm for wanting to know who or what is really behind the TVA, and she agrees to “help” Sylvie. Sylvie returns Renslayer’s TemPad to her.

On the way to their hidden bunker, Loki gets more acquainted with the Void and with his four new Loki friends: Kid Loki (Jack Veal), who happens to be a king, Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei), Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), and Alligator Loki (an alligator).

Back at the TVA, Renslayer tells Sylvie of the Void and how it’s inescapable. In an effort to stall for the hunters’ arrival, though unknown to Sylvie, Renslayer instructs Miss Minutes to comb through files searching for a spaceship that can cross the void. After Miss Minutes comes up with no results, and the hunters close in, Sylvie takes Renslayer’s TemPad back and prunes herself in an effort to find Loki.

Back at the Lokis’ home base, the four drink boxed wine and swap stories, which leads to a slight scuffle between Boastful Loki and Alligator Loki. Classic Loki shares his love for his sorcery rather than his blade, something that may come in handy later on. He goes on to share his story of faking his death before Thanos, hiding on a desolate planet so as to not inflict pain or feel it, and being apprehended by the TVA. Our Loki hatches a plan to kill Alioth and leave the void, but the other Lokis laugh him off. As he goes to leave the bunker, he looks out of the entrance to see a posse of Loki’s led by President Loki (Tom Hiddleston as well).

Sylvie awakens in the Void and narrowly escapes Alioth with the aid of Mobius, who shows up driving a pizza delivery vehicle.

Back at the homestead, Boastful Loki reveals he gave their location to the Loki posse so that he may possess the throne. President Loki reveals to Boastful Loki that he intends to take the throne himself. However, President Loki’s army reveals that they are to overthrow him. Wow. A glorious purpose overload. In the ensuing melee, Classic, Kid, Alligator, and our Loki escape.

Back in the pizza delivery car, Mobius and Sylvie make amends and Sylvie deduces that Alioth might be their key out of the Void, The turn around and head back toward Alioth.

Loki and the gang head back towards Alioth, where they reunite/unite with Sylvie and Mobius. Sylvie instantly shuts down Loki’s plan of killing Alioth (it’s getting progressively harder not to type Aioli by accident) and proposes they enchant it to get past whatever it’s guarding.

Back at the TVA, Renslayer interrogates Hunter B-15. B-15 suspects that while Renslayer is protecting the order of things after the events of Episode 4, she is just as curious about discovering who’s behind the TVA.

In the Void, Mobius tells Classic and Kid Loki (and the alligator too) that he wishes to return to the TVA to help take it down, meanwhile Loki and Sylvie catch-up outside, snuggling under a blanket for, you know, warmth. Sylvie thanks Loki for all he’s done, and Loki expresses that he has changed from the man he was before.

As Loki and Sylvie set their plan in motion, Mobius returns to the TVA with the stolen TemPad, while Classic, Kid, and Alligator Loki head back. As Sylvie nears Alioth, Loki distracts the beast so that Sylvie will have an open window to enchant Alioth. Once his distraction doesn’t prove to be enough, Classic Loki returns and uses his sorcery to create a huge illusion of Asgard. He draws the attention of the beast, sacrificing himself in the process. Joined together, Sylvie and Loki manage to enchant Alioth, and head towards the citadel now visible behind the cloud-beast.

Episode 5 of Loki gives us the MCU’s brand of intense action littered with tons of comedy. The new Loki editions stand out, particularly Alligator Loki as he ironically makes sense in this universe Marvel’s established. Richard E. Grant is marvelous as Classic Loki, Jack Veal is an amazing Kid Loki, and DeObia Oparei was quite the Boastful Loki. Loki and Sylvie team up yet again and prove how strong they are together, creating a very strong dynamic that I think will serve well in the finale next week.

Mobius lends another helping hand in the endeavor, and I’m curious to see how he’ll ruffle the TVA’s feathers from the inside. Ravonna Renslayer settles into her antagonist role very well, but with her determination, she is likely to prove a difficult obstacle in the plights of Loki and Sylvie. Will our Lokis find out who’s behind the TVA? Will Mobius get his Jet Ski? Is Miss Minutes secretly a villain? I do think it is our glorious purpose to tune into next week’s finale to find out.

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Written by Miles Foster

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