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Interview: Riley Keough Discusses the Wild Ride That Is ‘Zola’

If you see Riley Keough in a movie, chances are it’s going to be a thought provoking one. To be sure, her latest turn in Zola is chief among them, but it’s hardly the only one. Other films such as American Honey, The House That Jack Built, It Comes At Night, Jack & Diane, The Lodge, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Under the Silver Lake (not to mention Season One of The Girlfriend Experience) are just the tip of the iceberg. Keough is just that talented, both when it comes to her performances and also the roles she chooses. So, when given the opportunity to have a discussion with her, I was quite eager to hop on Zoom and talk Zola.

In my rave review of Zola (found here), I included the following bit about the cast, including Keough:

This cast sinks their teeth into the material in an absolutely captivating way. Taylour Paige makes Zola both the smartest person in the room, as well as the most observational. It’s hypnotic to watch such a vibrant protagonist always be sizing up the situation. Paige is quickly becoming a truly exciting up and coming actress. Riley Keough is simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking, depicting a lost woman who society has already thrown away. It’s yet another memorable turn by Keough, to say the least. Then, there’s Colman Domingo, who is the MVP of the film. Seamlessly shifting between easy charm and deep menace, as well as an accent when he’s mad, Domingo makes X a magnetic force. If there’s an Oscar nomination to be campaigned for (aside from one mentioned below), it’s Domingo in Best Supporting Actor. Nicholas Braun is dim-witted and fun, while the supporting cast includes Jason Mitchell.

Below, you can hear my chat with Keough. As you might imagine, her work in Zola, as well as the story that inspired it, was central to the conversation. However, as I’ve enjoyed so much of her work over the years, plenty of her performances were mentioned. Mostly, it was fun to pick her brain and understand how and why she picks her roles. For my money, this one is among her very best, so if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely be sure to check it out. Zola is the real deal, to say the least…


Here now is my interview with Zola co-star Riley Keough. Enjoy:

Riley Keough can be seen in Zola, currently in theaters!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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