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Interview: It’s a ‘Cruel Summer’ with Harley Quinn as She Chats About the Show

I’ve seen everything that Harley Quinn Smith has done. Now, a lot of that has to do with being a rather large fan of her father, filmmaker Kevin Smith. So, naturally I’ve seen her in several of his movies. However, she’s hardly just his daughter, now consistently turning interesting and strong work in a variety of things. In particular, her supporting turn in All These Small Moments was award worthy. So, when I got the chance to talk to her about her work on the new Freeform show Cruel Summer, I jumped at the chance. We hopped on Zoom (after a shaving mishap I’ll explain below), and had a really nice conversation. Today, I present to you that discussion.

Below, you can see my chat with Smith. Cruel Summer is a main focus, of course, but we talk a lot just about what interests her as an actress. She discusses wanting to play a 90’s teenager, what it was like to make this show during the pandemic, the dream role she has in mind, and more. She was very sweet, extremely modest when I complimented her, and real easy to talk to. We cut it out of the interview (it might pop up as a future outtake on the podcast), but I accidentally shaved off my beard before the Zoom. When I told her the anecdote, she thought I had said “beard” not “beer” initially, and that mixup led to a good laugh on both of our parts. Definitely keep an eye out not just for Smith in Cruel Summer, but in plenty going forward. She’s on track to be a real star…

Here now is my interview with Cruel Summer star Harley Quinn Smith. Enjoy:

Cruel Summer, featuring Harley Quinn Smith, is out now and available for free on Freeform!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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