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Interview: Amanda Seyfried Talks ‘Mank’ and Being a Good Person

Amanda Seyfried is far more than just one of the Mean Girls. Now, to be sure, she’s phenomenal in that film, but it does a disservice to Seyfried to ignore her other roles. Especially now, she’s finally getting some deserved raves for her work in Mank. Already nominated for a Golden Globe, an Academy Award nomination may only be days away for her. Right before Oscar voters received their ballots, I was lucky enough to hop on the phone with Seyfried. Not only was she game to chat, she was incredibly generous with her time, resulting in a half hour conversation. Said conversation comes to you today.

Below, you can hear my discussion with Seyfried. Working with David Fincher on Mank was a focus, for sure, but we also just talked, resulting in a wide-ranging chat. Sure, Mean Girls came up too, though being a good person and finding what works for you in life was a recurring theme. Seyfried was wonderful, casual and down to Earth, so it was a pleasure to spend the time on the phone for her. I think she also enjoyed herself, especially since she asked me a specific question at the end of the interview. You’ll be able to find out what she asked towards the end of the recording. If you haven’t seen Mank, definitely do so now. Here is a bit from my rave review, centered on Seyfried’s performance:

The entire cast is pitch-perfect here, though Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried particularly stand out…As for Seyfried, she’s such a spark plug here, bringing added life to all of her scenes. Both embrace the old school acting style and dialogue delivery here, that’s for sure. 

Here now is my interview with Mank actress Amanda Seyfried. Enjoy:

Mank is available to stream right now on Netflix!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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