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Wherever Baby Yoda Goes, We Go – ‘The Mandalorian’: Season 2 Trailer Is Here


The 16 time Emmy nominee is back for season 2, which means more blasters, more action, more Baby Yoda. And this trailer gave us all of that. It even featured what is sure to become an instant GIF, Baby Yoda being scared, and locking himself in his crib.

The first season of The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ last November, and was an instant success. Fans of the Star Wars franchise and critics adored it, and the series helped Disney+ become a huge player in the streaming war. The show did so well, that it ended up earning itself a hefty 16 nominations at this years Emmys, including a shocking nomination for Best Drama Series.

The Mandalorian Season 2 will stream exclusively on Disney+, October 30th.

Wherever I go, he goes

The Mandalorian


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3 years ago

Very much a fan of the idea that Jedi are just evil sorcerers to some cultures. Its the first thing about either season that immediately jumps out as ‘new’ to me. Also, you can’t convince me that the 2nd voice isn’t a Chris Evans cameo.

3 years ago

Oh yeah, I really love what Disney’s been doing with Star Wars and I trust them completely on this; this looks quite promising.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed having that lifelong dream of watching a live-action Star Wars TV show get to be fulfilled and with such strong direction, and I went absolutely ballistic at its Drama Series nod at the Emmys. If I’m being critical, I’d say one could easily split the episodes into 4 ‘great ones’ and 4 ‘not so great ones’ but I suppose that’s just a result of it being so episodical. I’m a fan, but some of the uneven-ness to me keeps me from saying I’m the biggest fan. Still, this is quite exciting.

3 years ago

btw I meant ballistic in a good way and also I have no idea how to reply to people, oh well



Written by Max Joseph

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