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    Previously on… The Handmaid’s Tale

    What is Previously On…? Awards Radar obviously loves film, but we also love our television and streaming series, too. The challenge is that once a series has a couple seasons behind it, jumping in can be intimidating. That is why we created “Previously On…” The column will provide full-series recaps of the most buzz-worthy shows […] More

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    Golden Globes TV Recap

    The 78th Annual Golden Globes handed out their awards Monday night via a ceremony that had Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting on bicoastal stages, with the nominees dialing in through Zoom to see who would receive the trophies through their mail in a few business days.  While the film categories featured a bevy of major surprises, things in […] More

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    ‘Hannibal’ is the Ultimate Expression of Halloween

    (This article was previously published on our sister site Halloween’s going to be weird this year. If it were any other time, we might be brainstorming costume ideas, and toying with the idea of trying on a new identity for a night. Once a year, we can masquerade as evil, sadistic, macabre. Once a year, […] More

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    Do We Still Need Saturday Night Live?

    It seems like the general consensus around last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live was a bit of a bust, with much of the criticism surrounding Jim Carrey’s… less than stellar impression of Vice President Joe Biden (because I guess we’ve all just accepted that Lorne Michaels will not let go of Alec Baldwin’s lackluster […] More

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    Save Room for ‘Pen15’ at the 2021 Emmys

    Middle school may have only gotten worse, but Pen15 continues to get better. The seven-episode second season doubles down on cringe, but it makes viewers squirm out of relatability. Creators Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle and Sam Zvibleman have managed to generate empathy from the lowest moments of middle school. Our central duo must navigate bullies, […] More

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    ‘Ted Lasso’ is the Ultimate Quarantine Salve

    Times are tough. Between a worldwide pandemic, police brutality, natural disasters, and a contentious election, it takes a lot to keep one sane. For 30-minutes every Friday, Apple TV+’s new comedy Ted Lasso provides the perfect salve for the 2020 blues. The fish-out-of-water comedy uses positivity in the face of obstacles to soothe and delight, […] More

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    TV Review: ‘Tehran’ is a High-Octane Foreign Thriller

    If there’s one thing this pandemic has given us, it’s the opportunity to experience more international television. Streaming services have been importing a tremendous amount of content from other countries and bringing it to American audiences. One of the latest high-profile premieres is Tehran, an Israeli series whose creative team includes Fauda writer Moshe Zonder. […] More

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    Emmy Analysis: Outstanding Comedy Series

    There hasn’t been much variety to the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy category in almost a decade. Starting in 2007, Tina Fey’s 30 Rock won the top comedy prize three years in a row, followed by a five-year streak by Modern Family. HBO’s Veep put an end to the Modern Family reign, taking the trophy in […] More