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    A Post SAG TV Recap— And Now We Wait (Again)

    Well, now we’re in for a long wait. Emmy eligibility ends on May 31st, with the nominations set to be announced on July 22nd. Then, the ceremony won’t air until September. Of course, in between tthe Critics Choice Awards will air on March 13th. But then, that’s pretty much it and now the winners and […] More

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    SAG Film Awards Wrap Up—Where Are We Now?

    Now that the SAG Awards are over, we’re halfway through the precursors with both BAFTA and the Critics Choice Awards announcing their winners on March 13th. The BAFTAs are slightly more important of a precursor since their membership overlaps with the Academy and Oscar voting ends on March 22nd.  The acting branch is the largest […] More

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    TV Review: ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 — The Evolution of Eve

    The Cliffs Note version of what’s happened in the first three seasons of Killing Eve. Season one: Eve (Sandra Oh) hunts down a mysterious female assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer). In the season finale Eve stabs Villanelle. Season two: Eve and Villanelle continue their cat and mouse game with brief interludes of flirting. In the season […] More

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    Taking a Look at the SAG Ensemble Race

    The Ensemble prize at the Screen Actors Guild Awards used to be a critical nomination if your film was going to have any chance of winning the Oscar for Best Picture. However, three of the past four winners have been snubbed for the Ensemble race but in each of those cases the films received at […] More

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    Are We Looking At Trouble Ahead for the Best Actress Race?

    The 2014 Oscar race is remembered for many things—albeit the Academy as a whole would like to forget. This was the first of two consecutive years without a person of color amongst the acting nominees. And adding to their troubles only one of the Best Actress contender’s performance was in a film nominated for Best […] More