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Interview: ‘Golda’ Director Guy Nattiv Discusses Crafting the Biopic

Between Skin and now Golda, it’s clear that Guy Nattiv wants to make movies that generate thought within his audience. He wants you to discuss the film after seeing it, not just move on to the next distraction. It certainly worked with Skin, as his short version (before making the feature) wound up winning him an Academy Award. Now, he’s telling the story of a moment in Golda Meir‘s leadership of Israel in Golda. Earlier in the week, we got on Zoom to chat about the flick. Today, with the movie about to hit theaters, I present the conversation to you all.

In my review of Golda (here), I had this to say about the filmmaking:

Director Guy Nattiv takes the material seriously, focusing in on the title character far more than the war. The script by Nicholas Martin is somewhat standard issue, but Nattiv keeps a laser focus on Meir…Nattiv and Mirren make a strong pair, finding the compelling nature of the leader and bringing her to the screen.

Below, you can see my discussion with Nattiv. The director gets into how the script evolved once he got involved, working with Helen Mirren, and why he wants his cinema to be more than just fluff. It’s a very interesting conversation, one that pairs well with the film itself, but works well even without. Still, Golda is about to be released and for Mirren alone, is well worth checking out. Listen to/watch Nattiv and he’ll make a hell of a sales pitch, as well.

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Here now is my interview with Golda director Guy Nattiv. Enjoy:

Golda is in theaters this weekend!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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