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Interview: Karan Soni on Working with the Incredible Ensemble of ‘Miracle Workers: End Times’

*Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike going into effect. Awards Radar stands with the actors, their union, and wishes for a resolution that helps the working actor live a better life. Union Strong!*

When it first started, TBS’ Miracle Workers focused on two angels working to fulfill very specific prayers. In season two, its characters lived in the Dark Ages. In season three, they explored the Oregon Trail. Now, in season four, they’re facing End Times, fighting to survive in a highly parodied version of cinematic dystopia. The latest season lets Karan Soni have fun as TI-90, also known as Tai, an android with tremendous powers who brings just as much cutting commentary about what’s happening around him due to his human wit.

Before the SAG strike, Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Soni, who also worked with his costar Geraldine Viswanathan on an underrated pandemic comedy called 7 Days (reviewed here by Mitchell), currently streaming on Hulu, about what attracted him to the show before he signed on for season one:

“What appealed to me initially was that it was starring Daniel Radcliffe. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and I remember being like, I got an audition for it, and I remember reading the email and being like, Daniel Radcliffe is doing a TV show? That seems insane. And then they had sent the first script over and I remember really liking the script and the character and just desperately wanting to be on the show. I usually am pretty good about going in for an audition and then just trying to forget about it. This is one where I was the annoying actor who would call my agent and be like, so, have we heard anything? Which is usually a disaster because they’ll call you if they want you. They always have that awkward thing of like, no… But eventually it ended up working out.”

He also chose a favorite from the four characters he’s played so far on the show:

“I think I have to say the first. So boring, but the first is my favorite, just because there’s something about, this is such an actor-y thing, but when you get a job you’ve really wanted and then you’re actually doing it, it just holds such a special place in my heart to have gotten to work with Daniel and Steve in this very silly, goofy show. The first season, anytime I think of the show, I really reflect back on that first season and being like, holy shit, I’m doing this show, it’s so crazy. That one will always be my favorite. The most favorite life experience beyond acting was when we did the second one, because it was in 2019 before COVID. We were in Prague for three months. We would take the Eurail to Vienna, and it honestly was like, this is insane, how are we allowed to do this?”

Watch the full conversation below.

New episodes of Miracle Workers: End Times premiere weekly on Mondays at 10pm on TBS.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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