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Announcing Our 2023 Emmy Predictions & TV Podcast, ‘TV Topics’

Know it or not, we are in the middle of Emmy season. You may be thinking, ‘Aren’t the Emmys in September?’ That is correct, but the Awards Radar TV team covers television 365 days a year and Emmy season extends across almost half of those days. That is why we are excited to make two big announcements. The first announcement may be one you are expecting, my Awards Radar Emmy Predictions are now live.

As of right now 22 Emmy categories nominations are predicted with more to come in the coming days. Comedy, Drama, Talk, TV Movie and Limited Series are all there for your viewing. The predictions will be a living list changing with the ever shifting races. Included are some performances which we predict will find their Emmy footing in the weeks to come as voters get more exposure to those that may not have hot their radar yet. If that happens to be the case be sure to catch up with every performance in our lists because they are all worthy of recognition. Below you can find links to all the nominations. While visiting, sneak over to Joey Magidson’s Oscar predictions which are also ready for your consumption.

In addition to Emmy predictions expect to see our Emmy FYC interviews. While we cover television all year round, these next few months are when you find a tidal wave of amazing conversations with some of the most talented people in the industry. Keep an eye out as Emmy hopefuls and frontrunners from across your favorite series. It is an incredible list of interviews. If you do not see your favorite contender speaking to us we’re probably in talks to do so. (Hey networks, if not just reach out.)

Also coming in the weeks to come are our Awards Radar personal FYC pieces, Before Emmy Gold – where we look at nominees’ work long before their nominated efforts, category breakdowns and much more. Included in that ‘much more’ is our second announcement. Coming very soon to Awards Radar is an addition to our podcast landscape.

First we brought you ‘Awards Radar: The Podcast’ hosted by Joey along with Myles Hughes and (sometimes) me plus several guest host, it is a fun and often wild discussion of film, Oscars, film awards, listener questions, games and more Oscars. Then we delivered The ‘Verse! a campy and informative trip through the cinematic universes. The squad (who happened to be floating around in space) deep dive into their favorite universes Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars, DC and so many more. Episode by episode coverage, industry interviews, unique reviews and blindspots. To cover this much geek content you need to be on a spaceship.

Now, we are proud to announce the third Awards Radar podcast: (I think I just heard a drumroll.) TV Topics: an Awards Radar podcast. If you have not guessed, this is our first podcast focused solely on Television hosted by me (Steven Prusakowski), Abe Friedtanzer and other guest co-hosts.

At its core, TV Topics is a celebration of all things television. We will be breaking down a different category each week; the favorites, those contenders threatening to snag a spot, while casting a spotlight on a few of our favorites that deserve to be considered. The series will also feature TV-centric segments WWW (What We’re Watching) where we talk about the series we’re enjoying and want to encourage others to do so as well and “Adjust Your Radar” where we highlight a series or performance that not enough people are talking about. There is a ton of content out there and we want you to go beyond the obvious and discover some of the best. Each episode will also feature some of our favorite TV interviews – we have several spectacular conversations ready for your ears.

Awards Radar looks forward to being your resource for all things Emmy, but more so your one stop show for TV with our reviews, interviews, news, exclusives, red carpet & event coverage, and plenty of other exciting features. Watch for TV Topics to launch soon and in the meantime, enjoy browsing our predictions and Emmy interviews.



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[…] Announcing Our 2023 Emmy Predictions & TV Podcast, ‘TV Topics’ […]



Written by Steven Prusakowski

Steven Prusakowski has been a cinephile as far back as he can remember, literally. At the age of ten, while other kids his age were sleeping, he was up into the late hours of the night watching the Oscars. Since then, his passion for film, television, and awards has only grown. For over a decade he has reviewed and written about entertainment through publications including Awards Circuit and Screen Radar. He has conducted interviews with some of the best in the business - learning more about them, their projects and their crafts. He is a graduate of the RIT film program. You can find him on Twitter and Letterboxd as @FilmSnork – we don’t know why the name, but he seems to be sticking to it.

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