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Awards Radar Community: Share Your ‘Fast X’ Reactions!

For plenty of you, this weekend brings a real cinematic delight in a new film in the Fast Saga. Yes, Fast X has now hit theaters, the beginning of the end of the franchise. Well, probably. Considering how they’re stretching out the conclusion, anything is possible, right? So, for this weekend’s Awards Radar Community Question, we’re keeping it simple. If/when you see Fast X, come back and tell us…what did you think?

If you’re a big fan of this series, then let us know. Perhaps you’re all about family? If so, Vin Diesel and company are likely to delight you with their ridiculous car-based action antics. You’re certainly not alone, considering this is now the tenth installment. So, don’t be shy in saying why, while also saying why this one continued to please you.

Maybe, on the other hand, this franchise bounces off of you, like it does for me? If so, that’s cool, too. Perhaps you didn’t like it? Or, maybe you didn’t even bother seeing Fast X. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. Frankly, I’m in that same boat, so you won’t be shunned in the slightest. Hey, nothing is really for everyone these days, right?

Either way, it’s time to chime in. Whatever you think of Fast X, we’re eager to find out. Let us know, plus stay tuned for a review to hit the site very soon…

What are your Fast X reactions? Let us know!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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