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What Are Some of the Next Films Nintendo Might Make?

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If there’s one thing that Hollywood loves, it’s sequels to successful films. In 2023, they really don’t come any more successful than The Super Mario Bros. Movie (reviewed here). It’s a certified smash, which means that Nintendo and Universal are assuredly already hard at work figuring out the next Mario film. So, today I decided to help them out a bit!

Below, you can see more than a half dozen ideas for Nintendo to do as follow-ups to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. They’re mostly the obvious choices, but there’s one or two picks of mine that are a bit off the beaten path. I’ll be curious to know what flicks you’d want to see from the company, so be sure to chime in with those as well…

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Here are some potential film adaptations that Nintendo could/should be bandying around:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel – Mark my words…we’re getting a sequel to this smash-hit. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is clearly the start of at least a trilogy, so we’re definitely going to see more in this story. Hopefully the next installment is a little stronger, because I would be as excited as everyone else seems to be.

Luigi’s Mansion – The next most obvious choice would be to give Luigi his own spinoff. Charlie Day did play the character as afraid of everything, so adapting these games into a Luigi’s Mansion flick is pretty tailor-made. Assuming Nintendo doesn’t think audiences need Mario for this, it’s almost bound to happen.

Donkey Kong Country – The other spinoff that makes a lot of sense would be to focus on Donkey Kong. Seth Rogen is already on hand, so he could easily headline a Donkey Kong Country movie. His character certainly has a backstory, so exploring that wouldn’t be too far-fetched, in the slightest. Rogen probably knew this was a possibility when he signed on, too.

Yoshi’s Island – Assuming that the fan-favorite character is properly launched in the mainline sequels, a Yoshi’s Island spinoff seems very likely. Now, it’s a bit quirkier of a character to get a handle on, but if something interesting can be done, this might be fun and weird. Frankly, getting weirder won’t be a bad idea, either.

The Legend of Zelda – In terms of the film that would have the most potential to be something more than just family entertainment, this is it. There’s so much story going on with these, they could just adapt any of the games into The Legend of Zelda movie and it would work. Actually, that would probably be the way to go, too. This could easily be a whole other franchise for Nintendo to take to the big screen, either in animation or live action.

Star Fox – This one is just for me. I love Star Fox (Star Fox 64 is one of my all-time favorite video games) as a franchise, so a Star Fox movie would basically be the Rogue Squadron film I never got. This seems less likely than the others, but so what, right? It would make me so happy, so I had to include it.

Animal Crossing – Finally, since Animal Crossing basically got a lot of folks through the pandemic, a movie would make financial sense. An Animal Crossing film would need a, you know…story, but when has that stopped Hollywood in the past? I believe there was an adaptation already made on a much smaller budget that never came stateside, but if Nintendo and Universal get around to it? That sure wouldn’t be the case here…

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What are the potential Nintendo movies that you’d most like to see? Let us know!


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Robert Hamer
1 month ago

You know what kind of Animal Crossing adaptation would truly capture the spirit of the games? A chill, lackadaisically-paced, semi-plotless “hangout” movie where the audience is just kinda vibing with the characters. Like a G-rated Clerks or a not-nearly-as-mordant-or-existential Cléo from 5 to 7.

I say all of this with the full certainty that the odds of a Nintendo allowing a major studio to actually fund a project like this is 0%.



Written by Joey Magidson

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