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Awards Radar Community: What is Your Favorite Jake Gyllenhaal Performance?


This weekend, a new Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle hits theaters in Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant. You can read my review of that film here, but it does mark more Gyllenhaal content. For many, he’s one of the most interesting actors in the industry, so whenever he has a new movie, it’s cause to rejoice. To that end, this weekend’s Awards Radar Community Question is on the actor. Namely, what are your favorite Jake Gyllenhaal performances?

You have several types of Gyllenhaal turns to choose from. You have his awards-centric turns in fare like Brokeback Mountain and Nightcrawler. You have his early work like Donnie Darko. There’s even a fun turn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s been an action hero, a romantic lead, and everything in between. It’s shocking that he’s only gotten one Oscar nomination to date, but that will eventually change. Regardless, his resume has plenty to fawn over.

“Stronger” (2017) Cinematography by Sean Bobbitt

For those curious, these are my top ten Jake Gyllenhaal performances:

Honorable Mention: Brothers, Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, The Good Girl, Love & Other Drugs, The Sisters Brothers, and Velvet Buzzsaw

10. Southpaw

9. Okja

8. Jarhead

7. Zodiac

6. End of Watch

5. Wildlife

4. Brokeback Mountain

3. Stronger

2. Prisoners

1. Nightcrawler

The choice is now yours. Which Gyllenhaal performance is your favorite? Are you waiting to see Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant in order to make up your mind? Whatever the case is, be sure to let us know. You have my list above. The time has come to share yours…

What is your favorite Jake Gyllenhaal performance? Let us know!


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Mia Green
Mia Green
7 months ago

Nightcrawler, Prisoners, and Zodiac are definitely my top three, but I’m not sure how to order them. It was hard enough narrowing it down to three.



Written by Joey Magidson

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