Interview: Discussing ‘Hello Tomorrow’ with Hair Department Head Suzy Mazzarese-Allison 

Recently, Awards Radar got to chat with Suzy Mazzarese-Allison, the Hair Department Head responsible for transforming the actors into the iconic retro-futuristic hair looks for the new Apple TV+ series Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow is set in a retro-futuristic world about a group of salesmen persuading people to purchase a timeshare on the moon called The Brightside. The series stars Billy Crudup, Haneefah Wood, and Hank Azaria

In this interview, Mazzarese-Allison gives us a glimpse into her background, how she transformed the characters, and how she stayed true to the 50s looks.  

Can you tell us about your background?

Suzy Mazzarese-Allison: I started working in theater doing Broadway shows. I then got my first film with Colleen Callahan, A Beautiful Mind. Then I moved up to Department Head after working in the industry for a bit and worked on many more shows/films. 

How did you get involved with Hello Tomorrow?

SMA: I had worked on Apple shows before, but I interviewed with Billy Crudup and got the role of hair department head.  

What was your favorite look that you designed?

SMA: Myrtle’s hair was designed into a 50s style, and Shirley with a little more 60s hair. 

You depicted Myrtle’s hair to illustrate her emotional journey throughout the story. How did you achieve this?

SMA: I started her wig in a roller set and pin curls, and as time went on, I loosened the curls by brushing through the wig more. I also added some burnt hair with little extensions.  

How did you stay true to the 1950s look?

SMA: I used roller sets, pin curls, and proper haircuts for the men. 

Did you collaborate with other department heads to capture the retro-futuristic look?

SMA: Yes! I collaborated with Anna, the costume designer, and Stephanie, the makeup artist. They used more bright colors to make it more retro. 

What was the biggest challenge?

SMA: Time to prep, weather, schedule changes.

Are you working on anything exciting that you’d like to share?

SMA: Yes! I’m doing reshoots of Insidious 5, The Penguin, and I just finished with Clive Owen on Monsieur Spade. 


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