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The 95th Academy Awards Are Tonight!

We’ve reached the end of the countdown. It all comes down to tonight. The Oscars are here, in all of their (we hope) glory. In just a matter of hours, the 95th Academy Awards will be held. The categories we’re still stumped about? Solved. All that’s left to do is wait. So, while you can poor over my predictions more here (with the article attached here), we’re at zero hour. Now, we just await the show to begin…

Of course, we’ll know who and what the winners are before the night is out. Everything has led to this and the wait is just about over. Use this article today to share whatever feelings, jitters, or just general thoughts that you may have about the impending awards. Hopefully we’re in for something memorable (in a better way than last year). Regardless, we’re all in it together, so whether you’re a fan of All Quiet on the Western Front, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Top Gun: Maverick, or something else…everyone can unite in celebration of the Academy Awards!

One more time, before it all goes down, here are my Oscar predictions:

Enjoy the Academy Awards tonight!


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8 months ago

FYI you mixed up all the actors/actress categories in the graphic. Austin Butler is probably not winning best actress

Brian H.
Brian H.
8 months ago

I hope a lot of your predictions are wrong (not the EEAAO’s). But I have a feeling they will be right. Below are mine. And since I think I’ve seen all the nominees but the shorts my personal picks of the nominees are below that…not that anyone cares.

Picture – EEAAO
Director – Daniels
Actress – Yeoh
Actor – Fraser
S. Actress – Condon
S. Actor – Quan
Original – Banshees
Adapted – Women Talking
Animated – Pinocchio
Doc – Navalny
International – All Quiet
Cinematography – All Quiet
Costume – Elvis
Editing – EEAAO
Makeup/Hair – Elvis
Prod Design – Babylon
Score – Babylon
Song – EEAAO…my one crazy thought.
Sound – Top Gun Maverick
Visuals – Avatar
Short Animated – My Year of Dicks
Short Doc – Stranger at the Gate
Short Live Action – Irish Goodbye

My Ballot Would Be (My Runner Up in ()
Picture – 1. EEAAO 2.Tar 3.Banshees 4.Fabelmans 5.Women Talking 6.Top Gun 7.Triange 8.Avatar 9. All Quiet 10. Elvis
Director – Field (Daniels)
Actress – Blanchett (Yeoh)
Actor – Farrell (Fraser)
S. Actress – Condon (Hsu)
S. Actor – Quan (Keoghen)
Original – Banshees (Tar)
Adapted – Women Talking (Glass Onion)
Animated – Pinocchio (Marcel)
Doc – All the Beauty (Navalny)
International – Argentina 1985 (All Quiet)
Cinematography – Tar (All Quiet)
Costume – Elvis (EEAAO)
Editing – EEAAO (Tar)
Makeup/Hair – Batman (All Quiet)
Prod Design – Babylon (Fabelmans)
Score – Fabelmans (EEAAO)
Song – EEAAO (RRR)
Visuals – Avatar (Batman)
I was too busy catching up to see the shorts this year. I’m a spread the wealth kind of voter…especially in a year when I love as many films as I do this year.



Written by Joey Magidson

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