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Awards Radar Community: What Are Your Boldest Oscar Predictions?

Tomorrow, the Academy Awards are being held. You know, in case you somehow weren’t aware. You’ve seen my Oscar predictions, I’m sure, but today, that’s not the focus. Today, it’s about you. For this weekend’s Awards Radar Community Question, we’re asking about your picks. In fact, we’re not only asking about who and what you’re predicting, but the long shots you might be backing. So, feel free to share those!

As a reminder, my predictions can be found here, with the article explaining my picks here. In terms of your no guts no glory predictions, it can be big or small. Hell, you can even tell us about one of your picks in the past. Were you one of the few to get Moonlight over La La Land right? Did you predict Olivia Colman for The Favourite? If so, we’re keen to find out…

Now’s the time. What are your boldest Oscar predictions for tomorrow night? If there’s an upset special on your mind, don’t be shy and let us know. Plus, of course, enjoy the show tomorrow night. It’s going to be wild.

Are you out on any Oscar predictions limbs? If so, let us know!


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Richard Green
Richard Green
8 days ago

I’m considering predicting Everything Everywhere All At Once in costume design because if the academy likes the film enough it could surprise here. I would also argue that it’s costumes especially worn by Stephanie Hsu are more imaginative than those of Elvis. Anyway, best of luck with your predictions Joey!

7 days ago

I’m predicting that John Williams wins for Original Score just because the category has no real consensus and it would be weird if The Fabelmans goes home with nothing. I don’t have any better reasoning than that, it’s just a feeling.



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