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Interview: A Wide Ranging Chat About ‘Black Bird’ and Much More With Paul Walter Hauser

You want to root for Paul Walter Hauser. He just has an everyman persona that’s easy to latch on to. After breaking through with I, Tonya, Hauser has been a memorable presence in work like BlacKkKlansman, Cruella, Da 5 Bloods, Richard Jewell, and more. Most recently, the miniseries Black Bird has shown a whole new side of his talents. About a month or so ago, Hauser jumped on Zoom with me for a ride ranging chat, which was a true pleasure. Today, I’m delighted to present it to you all.

Below, you can see my discussion with Hauser. We were brought together to talk about Black Bird, as you might imagine, but me being me, I couldn’t help but bring up almost all of his work. It wound up leading to us chatting about almost everything, including a notable incident in his recent past. What you’ll notice here, besides ample recommendations for work of his to check out, is just how nice a dude Hauser is. By the end of this one on one, you’ll be rooting for him, I can all but guarantee it!

Here now is my interview with Black Bird star Paul Walter Hauser. Enjoy:

Black Bird is available to watch on Apple TV+ right now!


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4 months ago

Paul was AMAZING in this show. I had to binge watch this excellent movie. Creepy voice!!!!!!!!!!



Written by Joey Magidson

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