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Interview: Gabrielle Union Chats About Her Emotional Work in ‘The Inspection’

Gabrielle Union has never had a role like she has in The Inspection. A long career, throughout various genres, this part is showing a whole new side of her. For my money, it’s a stunning turn that ranks as the best work of her career so far. She’s just that good in the film. Recently, I spoke to The Inspection‘s writer/director Elegance Bratton here, as well as co-star Raúl Castillo here. Today, it’s Union’s turn to talk.

In my review of The Inspection out of the Toronto International Film Festival (here), I had this to say about the performances:

Jeremy Pope has a star-making role that he more than makes the most of in The Inspection. Ellis is played with a ton of specificity, yet it’s in Pope’s portrayal that the universal feelings stream out. It’s quite an impressive turn. Bokeem Woodbine does a good job with the somewhat stock role of a cruel drill instructor, while Raúl Castillo highlights the conflict in his military man wonderfully. Then, there’s Gabrielle Union, who only has a few scenes, but makes the most of them with her complex and flawed maternal role.

Below, you can see my chat with Union. We spoke shortly after I returned from Mets Fantasy Camp, which led to an interesting little bit about her husband, former NBA star Dwyane Wade, running his own one. We then turn to The Inspection, where she plays, in my humble opinion, the most interesting character int he movie. There’s a lot of discussion about how she played the part, with the result being her best performance to date, bar none.

Here now is my interview with The Inspection co-star Gabrielle Union. Enjoy:

The Inspection is now in theaters!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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