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Interview: Raúl Castillo Talks ‘The Inspection’ and More

Raúl Castillo has had a really good year. Not only does he have a prominent role in Peter Hedges‘ latest film The Same Storm (reviewed here, alongside my conversation with Hedges here), Castillo also has a standout turn in Elegance Bratton‘s The Inspection. Playing a drill instructor sympathetic to the main character’s plight, in some ways, he’s the heart and soul of the flick. So, when given the opportunity to talk with him, I was more than down for it. Last week, I posted my interview (here) with Bratton. Today, it’s Castillo’s turn to chat.

This here is some of what I said about The Inspection and its performances back at TIFF:

Jeremy Pope has a star-making role that he more than makes the most of in The Inspection. Ellis is played with a ton of specificity, yet it’s in Pope’s portrayal that the universal feelings stream out. It’s quite an impressive turn. Bokeem Woodbine does a good job with the somewhat stock role of a cruel drill instructor, while Raúl Castillo highlights the conflict in his military man wonderfully. Then, there’s Gabrielle Union, who only has a few scenes, but makes the most of them with her complex and flawed maternal role. Supporting players include Eman EsfandiNicholas Logan, and McCaul Lombardi, but Pope and Union are the main highlights.

Below, you can see my conversation with Castillo. While this is largely centered around The Inspection, I was sure to bring up The Same Storm as well. Both movies make for a really enjoyable chat with an actor who is really going places. One look at his performances in these flicks will prove that to you, that’s for sure. Castillo is very strong in both, with a clear sense that the best is still yet to come.

Here now is my interview with The Inspection co-star Raúl Castillo. Enjoy:

The Inspection is now in theaters!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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