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Interview: ‘Terrifier 2’ Filmmaker Damien Leone Talks Horror, Art the Clown, and More!

With Halloween a week away, it’s the perfect time to talk (more) horror! Recently, I finally got around to Terrifier, which introduced me to the modern slasher icon that is Art the Clown. It was perfect timing, too, since Terrifier 2, the long in development sequel had just come out. Doing a mini binge, I saw both films and immediately knew that I wanted to talk to the maniac (meant as a compliment) who came up with Art. A few emails later and I had a conversation set up with filmmaker Damien Leone. We avoid Terrifier 2 spoilers, obviously, but if you see the movie, it will definitely lend more context to the discussion you’re about to see.

In my review of Terrifier 2 (here), I had this to say:

Filmmaker Damien Leone is making his horror epic here, and even if some choices work better than others, you have to respect a big swing. Terrifier 2 never rests on its laurels, upping the ante in every way possible. The gore, which already was pretty accomplished in Terrifier due to Leone’s background in special effects makeup, is even better here. So too is his direction. Terrifier was lean and mean, while Terrifier 2 is almost too much of a good thing. The more he focuses on what worked last time, the more fun this movie is.

Below, you can see my chat with Leone. I had just seen both Terrifier and Terrifier 2 in the previous 48 hours, so I had Art the Clown on the mind. Good thing, too, since Leone was down to talk about anything and everything. He’s open about his process, how he plans to develop Art going forward, and more. It’s a great conversation if you’re into horror, so definitely give it, as well as the movie, a look…

Here now is my interview with Terrifier 2 writer/director Damien Leone. Enjoy:

Terrifier 2 is in theaters now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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