Marvel Shifts Release Dates For Phase Five and Six Movies

After news broke of Blade temporarily pausing production to find a new filmmaker, Disney announced release date shifts for their upcoming Marvel Phase Five and Six releases. The Multiverse Saga will now be ending in 2026. Here are the release date shifts:

  • Blade will now be releasing in theatres on September 6, 2024, previously dated for November 3, 2023.
  • Deadpool 3, which was previously dated for September 6, 2024, moves to November 8, 2024.
  • Fantastic Four was supposedly slated to release on Deadpool 3’s new date, but will now be hitting theatres on February 14, 2025.
  • Avengers: Secret Wars will now be releasing on May 1, 2026, initially slated to release on November 7, 2025.

Source: Marvel


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Written by Maxance Vincent

Maxance Vincent is a freelance film and TV critic, and a recent graduate of a BFA in Film Studies at the Université de Montréal. He is currently finishing a specialization in Video Game Studies, focusing on the psychological effects regarding the critical discourse on violent video games.

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