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Interview: ‘Clerks III’ Filmmaker Kevin Smith Chats About Movie Music, Powerful Endings, and Much More

As many of you know, I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan. That’s one of the worst kept secrets at Awards Radar, and not even really a secret in the slightest. Sure, I cover the Oscar race for a living and take in high art all the time, but Smith’s View Askew movies hold a special place in my heart. He’s just my one of my favorites (Chasing Amy is my second favorite film of all time, for example), so much so that I’ve spent much of my career pursuing an interview with the man. Well, last month, it finally happened, with the occasion being the release of Clerks III. I spoke to stars Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, and Brian O’Halloran about the sequel here, and now, at long last, I can present to you all my conversation with Smith.

My review of Clerks III will be up tomorrow morning, but for one more hint at what I thought of the film, this is what I had to say on Twitter:

Below, you can see my chat with Smith. With only a limited amount of time to talk, I wanted to make sure that I worked in as much as possible, with minimal slobbering. I actually think I did very well, especially considering how the Clerks writer/director is notoriously verbose and easily could have spent the entire time on a single question. That we hit on a few different topics was kind of awesome. Plus, he was just awesome, seemingly as engaged in the conversation as I was, which is really saying something. Clerks III is a true must see for fans of Smith, but so is this discussion, in my humble opinion…

Here now is my interview with Clerks III filmmaker Kevin Smith. Enjoy:

Clerks III is in theaters on September 13th as well as during Kevin Smith’s Clerks III: The Convenience Tour!


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