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Awards Radar Community: Which August Release Was Your Favorite?

With the month of August almost over, we should look back, no? After all, we kicked off the month by wondering here what the best of August might be. So, today we’re making the Awards Radar Community question about the slate that was. What was your favorite August 2022 release? You have options here, to be sure. There’s bigger titles like Bullet Train and Prey, as well as Beast. One level down there’s Bodies Bodies Bodies, alongside smaller fare like Breaking, and Emily the Criminal. Those are just what I think some of the likelier films are. The choice is now yours…

I suspect most of you will opt for Prey, but that’s hardly the only movie that folks were into this month. Hopefully, some of you will have given a shot to Breaking (formerly known as 892) and/or Emily the Criminal, which are two indie flicks with a lot to offer. Suffice it to say, you’re not lacking in options, even if August was a little on the lighter side.

Now, it’s your turn to let me know the answer to my question. Whatever you saw in August, from Bullet Train to Bodies Bodies Bodies, we want to know what your favorite film of the month was. Chime in, we’re all ears!


Which August 2022 release was your favorite let us know?


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Written by Joey Magidson

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