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Awards Radar Community: What Should We Do For the 100th Episode of the Awards Radar Podcast?

Dear readers of Awards Radar / listeners of the Awards Radar Podcast, we’re approaching a Red Letter date in the history of the site. In about a month or so, we’re going to hit the 100th episode of the podcast. Time sure flies, doesn’t it? So, to mark that occasion, I wanted to ask the Awards Radar Community what they thought we should be doing to celebrate. I/we already have a few ideas, but consider this an open forum to let us know what the pod should be featuring. It’s episode number 100, after all, so it should be a pretty special one…

Whatever you think we should do, feel free to chime in. No promises that we’ll be doing it, but dream big. If it’s feasible, we’ll at least consider it. There might be games, guests, and more already on the docket, but it’s all very much in progress, so lots can change between now and then. What you all think will certainly weigh heavily as we consider our options. So, have at it!

Let us know what you think the 100th episode of the Awards Radar Podcast should feature!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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