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Awards Radar knows many of your Emmy voting decisions are not often made until the last few hours of the Emmy phase one voting. This is why we have provided this list of names to remember as you fill out those ballots, either as an official Emmy voter or for fun as a fan. Keep it handy as you make your choices, because every name listed truly delivered this season. With Emmy categories for Limited or Anthology Series or Movie we handle things a bit different.

Our Awards Radar TV’s Emmy FYC contains names of the outstanding newcomers and already established work that has yet to find a place on the Emmy ballot that our ARTV team knows deserve your attention, but in these categories, since most are one and done, some bigger names enter the discussion. We felt it unfair to omit them. Still, some of these names are brand new or reliable performers who have tried something different and are worth the look. Don’t forget to consider the following:

Limited or Anthology Series 

There was a wealth of content in this category this season. So much so that it was tough to keep up with it all. If you missed any of these, we recommend you catch up now. Among the most potent and powerful entries were Gaslit, The Shrink Next Door, Station Eleven, Moon Knight, The Dropout, Maid, Dopesick, Pam & Tommy, The Staircase, DMZ and Dr. Death.

TV Movie 

This category also offers a particularly rich crop this year, with film festival titles like The Fallout, Fresh, and The Survivor in contention this year. It’s also worth mentioning I Want You Back, Crush, The Sky is Everywhere, and a terrific opportunity to see familiar faces in Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas.

Lead Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Movie

The transformative performances in this category are too many to count, led by Will Ferrell (The Shrink Next Door), Paul Rudd (The Shrink Next Door), Sebastian Stan (Pam and Tommy), and Sean Penn transformation was incredible for (Gaslit) – but don’t sleep on Dan Stevens for the same limited series. Other equally solid work came from Joshua Jackson (Dr. Death), Jon Bernthal (We Own This City), Michael Keaton (Dopesick), Himesh Patel (Station Eleven), Oscar Isaac (Scenes from a Marriage), and Oscar Isaac again, again, and again in (Moon Knight). No underdog, but we cannot go without mentioning Colin Firth in (The Staircase).

Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Movie

It’s hard to top the focused performances from the likes of Lily James (Pam and Tommy), Amanda Seyfried (The Dropout), Julia Garner (Inventing Anna), and Margaret Qualley (Maid). But there are so many more to consider too, including Jessica Chastain (Scenes from a Marriage), Sienna Miller (Anatomy of a Scandal), Claire Danes (The Essex Serpent), Toni Collette (The Staircase), and Rosario Dawson (DMZ). Then there’s Emmy Rossum’s transformation into (Angelyne). Let’s not forget Mackenzie Davis (Station Eleven) and Jenny Ortega (The Fallout). Quite the list and all are worthy of your consideration. And, how can we forget Jane Levy for (Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas)? We added her here so maybe you don’t.

Supporting Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Movie

Among the many deserving contenders in this race that stood out are Shea Whigham (Gaslit), Matthew Goode (The Offer), Burn Gorman (The Offer), Dan Fogler (The Offer), Patrick Gallo (The Offer), Steve Zahn (The White Lotus), Murray Bartlett (The White Lotus), Seth Rogen (Pam and Tommy), Naveen Andrews (The Dropout), O-T Fagbenle (WeCrashed), Colin Hanks (Impeachment: American Crime Story), Alec Baldwin (Dr. Death), and Christian Slater (Dr. Death), Michael Stuhlbarg (The Staircase).

Supporting Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Movie

There’s a remarkable range within this category, with Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus) as an easy comedic favorite among many compelling dramatic turns. High on that list are Andie MacDowell (Maid), Chloë Sevigny (The Girl from Plainville), Judy Greer (The Thing About Pam), Anna Sophia Robb (Dr. Death), Michelle Dockery (Anatomy of a Scandal) and May Calamawy (Moon Knight). Other stellar must-see performances from some of the most consistently good actresses out there Parker Posey (The Staircase), Betty Gilpin (Gaslit), and Melanie Lynskey (Candy) with another great performance. Just because they always deliver, it does not mean you should forget about their work this year. We may have seen the next generation of top tier actresses in Matilda Lawler (Station 11).

Thank you For Your Consideration. We look forward to seeing who makes that final list on July 12th. As always, look for more Emmy coverage and interviews on Awards Radar. Abe Friedtanzer, Paloma Bennett, Niki Cruz, Lucas Longacre, Steven Prusakowski and others have been working endlessly to ensure all the best of television is on your Awards Radar.

Written by Abe Friedtanzer and Steven Prusakowski

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[…] Awards Radar TV’s Emmy FYC: LIMITED or ANTHOLOGY SERIES or TV MOVIE […]


[…] Awards Radar TV’s Emmy FYC: LIMITED or ANTHOLOGY SERIES or TV MOVIE […]



Written by Steven Prusakowski

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