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Happy Oscar Nominations Eve: What Is Your Boldest Predictions for Tomorrow Morning?


‘Twas the night before Oscar nominations…

Tomorrow morning, the Academy finally reveals their Oscar nominations. Are we prepared? Well, yes and no. Truthfully, one can never fully be prepared for the Academy Award nominations, but you can prep for surprises and steel yourself for the shocks. If you do that, whatever voters choose with their ballots can make more sense, as opposed to leaving you in total disbelief. As we all prep for the Oscars to have us abuzz bright and early, I thought it was a good time to get whatever you fine folks might have as your boldest predictions. If there’s an out there pick you have for the Oscar nominations…guess what? We want to hear about them!

My boldest picks (all of mine can be found here, by the way) are in Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay. In the former, I have Kristen Stewart still being nominated for Spencer and Lady Gaga not in the pole position for House of Gucci. In the latter, I’m predicting the nearly annual nominee who only gets a single citation. There, I have Mike Mills getting the nod for C’mon C’mon. Both are perhaps shots in the dark at this point, but I’m playing hunches. One could also call my prediction that Drive My Car gets a nom in Best Picture a bold one, but that feels like less of a no guts, no glory, type of a thing, at least to me. There’s also Steven Spielberg being the one to miss in Best Director, but that seems like a trendier pick in recent days.

As for you all, do you have similarly bold picks? If so, let us know. It could be the ones I mentioned, or other popular ones like Penelope Cruz getting into Best Actress for Parallel Mothers or Mike Faist cracking the Best Supporting Actor lineup for his turn in West Side Story. There’s no wrong answer, at least for now. Hours to go. Time to be bold. Tell us your boldest prediction and then stay tuned for the results in the morning…

What are your boldest Oscar nomination predictions? Let us know!


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11 months ago

I hope that a massive write-in vote by the clinically insane inside AMPAS gets TITANE put on the Best Picture list … wait, did BAFTA already do this?? :O :O

11 months ago

Probably either Spielberg, Zegler, DeBose and Faist all getting nominated for West Side Story, Spencer getting zero nominations, Nightmare Alley getting 6 nominations, or Parallel Mothers getting in Original Screenplay.

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Written by Joey Magidson

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