Video Game ‘It Takes Two’ Headed To The Big Screen

2021’s Game of the Year It Takes Two is being made into a feature-length film. The family co-op game is being written by Sonic the Hedgehog writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller. The strong characters and story are ideal for a film adaptation.

The game took on a life of its own in 2021. The family-friendly co-op game was ideal for anyone stuck at home during Covid restrictions. The game follows Cody and May; two humans turned into dolls by a magical spell. The two must work together to escape a fantasy world while trying to save their fractured relationship.

Video Game films have been hot in recent cinema, with Dwayne Johnson recently announcing he’ll be starring in a film based on “the most badass” video game and Uncharted being released in February. Let’s hope It Takes Two turns out to be more like 2019’s Detective Pikachu and not like 1993’s Super Mario Bros.

Source: Variety


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Written by Michael Ramey

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