Interview: Sue Ann Pien, Chris Pang, Albert Rutecki, and Sosie Bacon on ‘As We See It’

Representation is at the forefront of Amazon Prime Video’s new series As We See It, which follows the lives of three roommates in their twenties living on the spectrum: Jack (Rick Glassman), Violet (Sue Ann Pien), and Harrison (Albert Rutecki). All three performers identity as living on the autism spectrum in this heartwarming series from Jason Katims, best known for Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, who also has his own personal connection to autism.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with Pien and Chris Pang, who portrays Violet’s brother Van, about the complicated nature of their onscreen relationship and the incredible chance to be a part of this groundbreaking show, and with Rutecki and Sosie Bacon, who portrays Mandy, described as a life coach or aide for the three roommates, about the special relationship Harrison and Mandy have and other takeaways from being a part of this series.

Pien opened up about what she sees of herself in Violet:

“Violet is the very pure, authentic, real parts of everything that I’ve had to hide my entire life. The reason that I act is that I’ve had to hide my autism growing up. I come from a family where appearances are very important, in politics, and so I was groomed from a very young age to not step out of line. For somebody with autism, it was harrowing. It was very difficult at times. So in a lot of ways, playing Violet was another piece of my own journey to self-acceptance and freedom, freedom in the world.”

Watch the full conversations below:

All 8 episodes dropped on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, January 21st.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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