TV Recap: ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Episode 2 “Out of Touch” Destructive Patterns

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In Euphoria Season Two Episode Two,” Out of Touch,” directed and written by creator Sam Levinson, Rue Bennett (Zendaya) continues her “suicide mission” under the radar of her girlfriend, Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer), and Cassie Howard’s (Sydney Sweeney) desire for love leads her down an equally destructive path.

Kat Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira), Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi), and many other main characters have fantasies that expose their desires or anxieties. For example, Kat falls into a well of self-hatred because she can’t understand why she wishes that her boyfriend, Ethan Lewis (Austin Abram), wasn’t so sweet. She imagines a Drogo-type (a from Game of Thrones) warrior raping her after killing Ethan.

The episode begins with Nate being treated for his injuries while fantasizing about his potential “perfect” life with Cassie. Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) learns that drug dealer Fezco (Angus Cloud) beat his son up. Nate finally tells his father, Cal, that he knows about him having sex with Jules. Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow) attempts to use her voice to save Fezco from Cal, but the father arrives before she can warn him. Thankfully Fezco comes out of the encounter unharmed.

Cassie’s anxiety rises as she gets stuck between her best friend Maddie Perez (Alex Demie) and the dangerous Nate. Jules’ jealously and depression is triggered after meeting Rue’s new friend, druggy musician Elliot (Dominic Fike).


“Out of Touch” explores Rue’s harmful patterns that hurt everybody in her life. Rue and Jules seeing each other for the first time in the episode play out like “Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door.” Everything goes black around the couple as they stare at each other across the high school hallway. Then cut to a close-up shot of Rue and Jules making out, revealing how they are absorbed into one another. Rue’s narration says she has everything that she ever wished for. When Rue and Jules eventually disconnect, they are both smiling. They flirt with one another. However, everything changes when Rue spots Elliot.

Rue continues to kiss Jules, but she is distracted by Elliot. Rue worries that Elliot may mess everything up in the narration by mentioning how they have been taking hard drugs together. The viewer can see the worried expression on her face as she thinks through possible scenarios. Rue doesn’t even hear Jules saying, “I love you” to her. Finally, Jules snaps her out of her deep thought, and Rue says, “I love you” back, but it’s clear that her double life is already biting her in the butt.

Elliot doesn’t mention that Rue has relapsed, but the awkward introduction between him and Jules damages their relationship. Later, Rue and Jules fight about the introduction. Jules’ feelings are hurt after the meeting because she thinks Rue has a crush on Elliot. She can tell something fishy is going on. Rue denies any attraction to her friend, but she can’t blow off the fact that she awkwardly pretended not to remember that she met him at the New Year’s party. Rue can’t explain without admitting she snorted cocaine, which would lead to her receiving real help for her problems. She leaves Jules feeling down and jealous of Elliot.

Why Drugs?

Rue uses her depression and anxiety disorder as an excuse to take drugs. She thinks she needs drugs to function like an average person, even if it eventually kills her. Elliot is a fellow drug addict who earns a lot of money from selling his music online. Enough money to supply drugs for Rue and himself. Their friendship is destructive. Elliot and Rue listen to records, play the guitar, smoke weed, and snort cocaine together. Both Elliot and her sponsor Ali to call Rue out on her self-destructive behavior.

Before attending an NA meeting, Rue chills at Elliot’s house. They listen to 1960’s psychedelic music while smoking weed. Rue talks about how she thinks that loss is a “bigger feeling” than love mentioning how her father died from cancer. Her fear of losing Jules leaves her unable to be present with her girlfriend. During their conversation, Elliot asks if she feels that their friendship is positive. Rue answers yes, but Elliot believes their toxic to one another. Finally, Rue says that she is okay with the toxicity, revealing how little she thinks of her life.

When Ali sees an out-of-it Rue coming up the stairs in a wheelchair lift to a NA meeting, he mentions how he sees that the teenager is still on her “suicide mission.” Rue’s drug use and lies will eventually lead to her death and the destruction of her loved ones. Yet, she doesn’t care if she lives or dies.


Cassie’s goals for the new year are reasonable but quickly unravel. In the last episode, Cassie talked about how she wants to be single to allow her some time for self-healing. During “Out of Touch,” Maddie comments how she doesn’t buy it because her best friend “loves to be loved.” Cassie asks her how not to act out her desires. Maddie answers that she should say no when she wants to say yes. Then there are a series of flashbacks to Cassie saying yes to Nate when he asks if she wants a ride, to go to the bathroom with him, and can keep them having sex a secret. She acts like she can’t help herself like Rue.

After having sex with Nate at the New Years’ party, Cassie falls into a deep depression and an addiction to her best friend’s ex-boyfriend. She stops showering, wears sweats instead of her usual stylish clothing, and doesn’t clean her side of the bedroom. Instead of going on a “spiritual journey,” Cassie spends her days freaking out about Maddie finding out the truth and needing comfort from Nate. After Nate mentions how Maddie would kill her for having sex with him, Cassie fantasies all the different ways that her best friend will kill her.

Nate and Cassie barely know each other, but they’re almost addicted to one another. Nate hasn’t even had a date with her and is already imagining them having a family together. He has replaced Maddie with Cassie as his good “normative” influence but is stuck in this perverse love square. Nate still desires Jules but buries it deep within himself because he sees attraction to a trans woman as depraved. He doesn’t want to be like his “weak” father. Cassie’s need for adoration leads her to entice Nate into a “sex-game” chase to stop him from ending their romance even though she knows he can be abusive.


Will Jules figure out Rue has relapsed before her girlfriend dies? Can Rue or Cassie clean up their acts in time? Let us know your thoughts about Euphoria Season Two Episode Two in the comments below.


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8 months ago

Your recaps help me understand some of the more nuanced elements of the show making the experience of watching it even more enjoyable. Thank you!



Written by Paloma Bennett

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