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Interview: Riz Ahmed Returns to Talk More About Role Selections and ‘Encounter’

Last year, I was lucky enough to chat with Riz Ahmed on his march towards an Oscar nomination for Sound of Metal. Not only is his work impressive there, he’s as impressive a man. Last week, I was lucky enough to be asked to chat with him again, this time about his latest work in Encounter, which has been making the film festival rounds. The movie is interesting, with more excellent work from Ahmed. Obviously, another discussion with him was something I wasn’t going to pass up, no matter the flick. Luckily, this one is conducive to a really solid conversation. So, today we present just that to you.

Below, you can see my conversation with Ahmed. While Encounter was the focus, I was just curious to pick his brain some more. Not only is he an incredibly intelligent guy, he’s phenomenally charming too, so it’s a pleasure. I sincerely hope that we end up talking once a year for the foreseeable future. He’s dedicated to his craft but quick to laugh, which is about all you can ask for out of a talented actor. He’s an Academy Award nominee, as you all know, but that win is certainly in his future. It’s simply a matter of time for him…

My prior talk with him (found here) last year started off like so:

It’s impossible not to be blown away by Riz Ahmed. Even before Sound of Metal, which may well earn him an Academy Award nomination, he’s been quietly one of the best in the business. NightcrawlerThe Night Of, and more, have seen Ahmed rise to an exciting level in short order. Sound of Metal is just a cherry on top, rightly earning him precursor awards and Oscar buzz. We always knew it was only a matter of time for him, so to see his time potentially being now, it’s impossible not to root for him. As he campaigns, even though the work is doing most of the heavy lifting, he was willing to come speak to Awards Radar, which was quite the honor. Today, we’re thrilled to present my chat with him to you.

Here now is my new interview with Encounter star Riz Ahmed. Enjoy:

Encounter is out now!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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