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Interview: Finding the Inner ‘Wolf’ With George MacKay

George MacKay has quickly established himself as an actor to watch out for. Whether it’s Captain Fantastic, The True History of the Kelly Gang, or most notably, 1917, MacKay chooses interesting projects and dives right in. That’s never been more true than in Wolf, where he portrays a young man who believes he’s a wolf living in the body of a human. It’s fascinating to watch, to say the least, with MacKay’s performance front and center. When you watch the film, you just want to know more about what went into it all. Luckily, I was presented with the opportunity a few weeks ago to hop on Zoom and talk to the star about it. So, we got together and had a nice chat about the movie. Today, you can see it!

In my review of the film yesterday, I included this bit about MacKay:

George MacKay and Lily-Rose Depp are terrific here, with MacKay especially sucking you in. Depp has a weariness to her performance that’s spot on, while MacKay is just all-in. He’s captivating to watch, especially while he’s struggling with these animal impulses. Depp and MacKay also have strong chemistry, both in their more animal moments as well as the human-centric ones.

Below, you can see my discussion with MacKay. We talk a lot about what attracts him to role and the challenges within. That of course lends itself nicely to Wolf, where he makes sure to shout out the help and guidance of Terry Notary. Quickly, you get the sense that MacKay is a lovely gentleman, someone who deserves the success that’s come his way. His dedication to the craft, without ever becoming obtuse about it, is quite admirable. If you’re a fan of his work so far, you’re in for something new and exciting with Wolf this weekend. Give it a shot, but also check out our conversation next…

Here now is my interview with Wolf star George MacKay. Enjoy:

Wolf is out this weekend!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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