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Interview: The Legend Martin Sheen Talks Acting Opportunities and ’12 Mighty Orphans’

It’s impossible to talk to Martin Sheen and not feel like you’re speaking to a dignitary. Not only is he incredibly well-spoken, with a poise that suggests your immediate giving of respect, he also notably played the President on television. Mostly, however, Sheen is just a great actor and an utter legend. So, when given the chance to briefly speak with him during the press rounds for 12 Mighty Orphans, it was one of the quickest yes answers I’d ever given. The ensuing conversation was great, reiterating everything you think about Sheen, while also showcasing his good humor. It was a blast. Now, that chat gets released today.

Below, you can hear my interview with Sheen. He blew me away, simply put. In about ten minutes, we were able to talk sports, 12 Mighty Orphans, and even his amazingly underrated work in The Way. Plus, I even pitched him on the role of Superman. He was quick to laugh, personable, and everything you could want him to be. He’s much more than President Bartlett on The West Wing, that’s for sure. After Luke Wilson was already lovely (that interview can be found here), so too was Sheen. This was definitely one of the cooler conversations I’ve had in some time.

This is part of what I said in my 12 Mighty Orphans review:

Martin Sheen and Luke Wilson are reliably strong here, while the boys are solid as well. Wilson is the leading man, and a steady presence, though Sheen gets to have a blast in a juicy supporting part…They’re the cast highlights, to be sure.

Here now is my conversation with the great Martin Sheen. Enjoy:

12 Mighty Orphans, featuring Martin Sheen, is in Texas theaters today, will be playing shortly at the Tribeca Film Festival, and hits wide release next weekend!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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