Interview: Isabella Ferriera of Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor’ Talks About How Her Character’s Grown and That Love Triangle

Actress Isabella Ferriera plays the ritual character’s younger sister Pilar Salazar in the Hulu series Love, Victor. The show returns for a second season about a high school student named Victor (Michael Cimino) who, in the aftermath of coming out, must now face new challenges – all while navigating a newfound relationship with boyfriend Benji (George Sear). Internal family drama, his on the rocks friendship with his ex-girlfriend Mia (Rachel Hilson), and being an openly gay athlete at school all force Victor to overcome these difficulties to get to the place he wants to be in living openly and proudly.

Awards Radar had the opportunity to speak with Isabella on how her character of Pilar remained a stalwart ally of Victor’s throughout the series as he was exploring his identity. She also offers hints at what to expect from her character in the second season, and the potential love triangle that Pilar may find herself caught up in.

You can watch the full interview below. Enjoy!


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Written by Max Geschwind

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