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Awards Radar Community: Have You Returned to Theaters Yet?

About two and a half weeks ago, I did something that I hadn’t done in around fourteen months. Considering the quarantine most of us were under for the past year and change, that could legitimately mean a lot of things. For me, however, it meant returning to a movie theater. In very early March of 2020, my final press screening was Bloodshot, which I’ll charitably say was not the film I’d choose to be my last one. That’s putting it mildly, too (right before that was Never Rarely Sometimes Always, which would have been a far more satisfying pause on moviegoing). Fast-forward to earlier this month and I was invited to a fairly early screening of Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Considering I’m fully vaccinated and it was essentially an empty IMAX theater, it was a pretty safe reintroduction to theaters. Since then, I’ve gone to press screenings for A Quiet Place Part II and In the Heights, both times with only a very small amount of fellow critics. So, I think it’s safe to say I’m back in cinemas. But, what about you all?

Today, we want to know about your moviegoing habits (or lack thereof). Have you gone back to a theater recently…or not? There’s no ulterior motive, either. I’m just very curious about what fellow lovers of film have chosen to do. Obviously, considering how much I love what I do, it wasn’t easy to stay away. After all, for over a decade, I’ve basically been at a theater multiple times a week, without fail. But, safety came fiirst. For some of you in less metropolitan areas, perhaps things were safer last year? Or, maybe you’ve just recently come back. If so, what has it been like? On the flip-side, if you haven’t, is there something that will signal that it’s all clear?

I turn things over to you, the reader. Have you been back to a movie yet? Perhaps you went last year during the pandemic? Maybe you’re waiting for a specific film? Whatever the case, we want to know all about it. Let us know, though it goes without saying, that we respect everyone’s personal opinions/comfort level here. All viewpoints are welcome, though I’ve obviously made my thoughts on the matter clear over the prior months. Anyway, have at it and we look forward to the conversation…

Have you returned to theaters yet? Let us know if you have or haven’t, and feel feee to say why!


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[…] in May, I asked a question in an Awards Radar Community post: have you returned to the movie theater? That was right around the time things were opening back […]



Written by Joey Magidson

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