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Awards Radar Community: Do You Feel Comfortable Going to a Movie Theater?

Back in May, I asked a question in an Awards Radar Community post: have you returned to the movie theater? That was right around the time things were opening back up, if you recall. COVID-19 was still a thing, but there was a sense that we were on the right track. I know I was fully vaccinated by then and had just returned to theaters around that time for a press screening of Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Of course, the Delta variant was waiting, so now we’re at a see-saw point in the pandemic. Things are largely open, but confidence in safety may be waining (plus the anti-vaxxers, but I just want to pretend they don’t exist). So, with that in mind, today’s Community question concerns your presence in a movie theater. Namely, are you comfortable currently going to one?

If you’re comfortable in a movie theater, why is that? If you’re like me, it has a lot to do with being vaccinated, as well as living in an area where the vaccination numbers are strong. That’s mostly how I’m functioning here in New York City, though I’m fully aware that it’s not what every area is like. For most of my press screenings, we have limited capacities, are encouraged to socially distance (who wants to sit literally next to a stranger in a movie theater anyway?), and need to show our proof of vaccination. If things like that have you fine headed to the movies, let us know!

On the other hand, maybe you’re not comfortable? Perhaps a movie theater still feels dangerous. There’s nothing wrong with that feeling, mind you. If Delta has you re-thinking what you’re willing to go out and do, that’s fine. No judgment here. I just canceled a short trip down to Miami to see the Mets play the Marlins, since Florida is just such a hotspot. That, and I don’t want to screw up my impending trip to Toronto for the film festival. So, I get it. Feel free to explain why, if you’re comfortable saying why you’re uncomfortable, as it were.

Are you comfortable right now at a movie theater? Let us know if you are or aren’t, and feel feee to say why!


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2 years ago

I’m not yet comfortable going anywhere that isn’t essential. I barely feel comfortable going to the supermarket. I’m fully vaccinated, but I have a child at home who isn’t, and I’m aware that even if I’m fully vaccinated I can still bring it home. It’s tough seeing everyone traveling and partying like it’s 2019, like the pandemic is over and I’m the only one who missed the memo. It makes me feel like an outcast to be honest. But my entire country is a hot spot, the vaccine rollout is slow and there are no real measures to slow the spread. I’m hopeful that by the time my daughter turns 4 next year there will be a vaccine for her and then we can go back to normal, but until then, streaming will have to do.

Daniel Montgomery
Daniel Montgomery
2 years ago

Not yet. I was getting there before the delta variant, but then the spikes came. And if last year is any indication, things are going to get more dangerous in the fall, especially with the possibility of further mutations. I don’t know if there’s ever going to be a time when we’re ever fully safe from Covid (we had our shot and just kept screwing it up), but right now I’m proceeding with extra caution.



Written by Joey Magidson

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