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The Big Day is Here: Enjoy the Academy Awards!

Folks, we’ve reached Oscar Sunday. Not only is it the end of a long road to get to the 2021 Academy Awards, it comes as a hallmark for the website. Yes, when Awards Radar launched back in September of last year, there were no guarantees that the site would catch on at all. Had we been ignored, shouting into the void, who knows if I would have lasted until now? Maybe I would have just given up? Well, luckily that’s a moot point, as Awards Radar has been embraced in a way I never could have expected. So, I’m taking the Oscars telecast as a moment to mark time. We did it. That includes not just myself, obviously, but the staff, as well as you the reader.

You know my Oscar predictions (here if you need a refresher), so let me just shout out some people. Obviously, you readers have my eternal gratitude for coming to the site. Then, there’s the staff, who allow me not to have to do all of the work, which is no small feat, considering my obsessive tendencies. A special citation must go to the likes of Max Joseph and especially Steve Prusakowski, who handle so much of the site’s back end, which I barely understand. Since even before Day One, they were helping prep for the launch, so whether it was web design, updating predictions with me, or just dreaming about Awards Radar, they’ve been there from Jump Street. This is just the beginnings, too, but on this special day, they (along with everyone on staff) deserve pats on the back…

Enough of me being sentimental. It’s a fun day. Go forth and enjoy the Academy Awards tonight!


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Written by Joey Magidson

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