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Awards Radar TV SAG Predictions

The SAG Awards are coming up this weekend, and the Awards Radar TV team is back again to help you predict who will win in each of the television categories at this year’s brief ceremony. We also provide a detailed breakdown of where we think each of the contenders stand, in case you wanted to take a risk to try and call one of the big surprises of the night. 

The team of Mitchell BeaupreNiki CruzAbe FriedtanzerChris James, and Steven Prusakowski went 8 for 11 with our predictions for the television categories at the Golden Globes. That’s not too bad, but we could have done little better, so this time around we brought Catherine Springer on board to see if we can get a perfect score. 

Will Schitt’s Creek finalize its epic run of dominance for its final season? Can anything dethrone The CrownScroll below to see our breakdown of each of the television categories for Sunday night’s SAG Awards: 

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series 

1. The Mandalorian

2. Lovecraft Country

3. Westworld

4. Cobra Kai 

5. The Boys 

Perhaps one of the easiest decisions to call for the night. Not only does Disney+ have the gargantuan reach of The Mandalorian, one of the few shows in our current era that still manages to feel like true “event television”, but none of the other contenders feel like they have enough juice to put up an obstacle to it. If The Mandalorian doesn’t win this one then we might as well consider the system broken, and we can all pack it in and head home. 

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series

1. Mark Ruffalo – I Know This Much Is True

2. Ethan Hawke – The Good Lord Bird

3. Bill Camp – The Queen’s Gambit

4. Daveed Diggs – Hamilton

5. Hugh Grant – The Undoing 

Mark Ruffalo has been dominating every awards show since he became eligible for his dual performance in the HBO limited series I Know This Much Is True, and it would be foolish to bet against him here. He’s got competition from four actors with a lot of respect in the industry, yet Ruffalo is also one of those people that everyone just loves, giving the performance(s) of his life in this role. Keep an eye out for Bill Camp though, who managed to sneak in here despite only really appearing in two of The Queen’s Gambit’s seven episodes. 

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series

1. Anya Taylor-Joy – The Queen’s Gambit

2. Michaela Coel – I May Destroy You

3. Cate Blanchett – Mrs. America

4. Nicole Kidman – The Undoing

5. Kerry Washington – Little Fires Everywhere 

This is perhaps the category where our ARTV team saw the most contention, as several members were pushing hard to predict a Michaela Coel win here. The star of I May Destroy You benefits from also being the creator, writer, co-director and executive producer of her show, a series that generated a lot of headlines when it was completely snubbed from the Golden Globe nominations. A win for her here could be a way to honor the series overall, and push back against the ugliness of the HFPA overlooking it. Nevertheless, the Anya Taylor-Joy wave won out, as perhaps the safer bet on paper is to believe that SAG was as swept up by the love for The Queen’s Gambit as everyone else was during quarantine. Keep an eye out for a Coel surprise, though. 

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series

1. Josh O’Connor – The Crown

2. Jason Bateman – Ozark

3. Bob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul

4. Regé-Jean Page – Bridgerton

5. Sterling K. Brown – This Is Us 

One member of our ARTV team put up a good case for a potential Sterling K. Brown win, as the actor is loved in the industry and had a juicy storyline this season on his show, even if the series itself has faded from the love it used to have. As was the case with the Golden Globes, this is a bit of a tough category because none of these performers necessarily “feel” like the right choice as a winner. One of our few misses on Golden Globes night was Josh O’Connor’s win, though, and we would surely have egg on our face if we missed him again, so we’re edging towards O’Connor here. 

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series

01. Gillian Anderson – The Crown

02. Emma Corin – The Crown

03. Laura Linney – Ozark

04. Olivia Colman – The Crown

05. Julia Garner – Ozark 

Diana or Margaret? That’s the question here, as the two titanic forces of this season of The Crown are forced to go head to head, due to the SAG acting categories still for some reason putting supporting and leading performances against one another. As a result, Lead Actress Golden Globe winner Emma Corin is nominated alongside her Supporting Actress Golden Globe-winning co-star Gillian Anderson, and we think one will come out the victor. It’s an interesting category as the five nominations come from only two series, and our bet is that Anderson goes home with the trophy (or, rather, gets it mailed to her). 

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series

1. Jason Sudeikis – Ted Lasso

2. Dan Levy – Schitt’s Creek

3. Eugene Levy – Schitt’s Creek

4. Nicholas Hoult – The Great

5. Ramy Youssef – Ramy 

The Schitt’s Creek domination has been impressive, but it’s run into a wall in this category, as the charm of Jason Sudeikis and his Ted Lasso (the series and the character) has proven just too darn lovable, giving him the advantage here after his wins at the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards. The big question of the night: what will he be wearing? There’s a slight chance that one of the Levy men can sneak in a win, but when the two of them are up against each other there’s also the question of whether or not they could split votes, giving Sudeikis an even clearer route to victory. 

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series

1. Catherine O’Hara – Schitt’s Creek

2. Kaley Cuoco – The Flight Attendant

3. Christina Applegate – Dead to Me

4. Annie Murphy – Schitt’s Creek

5. Linda Cardellini – Dead to Me 

While the Lead Actor categories at other awards shows have been a spot where Schitt’s Creek has had a little bit of trouble keeping up the momentum, it’s been nothing but a steamroll for Catherine O’Hara this awards season. The absolute legend has been cleaning up awards left and right, and predicting her here feels like one of the easiest decisions of the night. Not only is she a beloved figure in the industry who is finally getting her due, but she’s also got the benefit of The Mandalorian in Stunt Ensemble where it doesn’t feel like any of her competition has a path to victory against her. 

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series

1. The Crown

2. Ozark

3. Bridgerton 

4. Lovecraft Country

5. Better Call Saul 

Perhaps as much as O’Hara’s win, this category feels sealed up. Bridgerton has some shiny new toy appeal, and Ozark is always around waiting for its time to shine, but it’s very difficult to imagine a scenario where The Crown doesn’t take this with ease. It racked up four of the ten total drama series acting nominations, and everyone’s obsession with the royal family is at one of the highest peaks it’s ever seen right now. Ozark and Better Call Saul have final seasons still coming up, and Bridgerton and Lovecraft Country are just getting started. Place your bets on The Crown

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series

1. Schitt’s Creek

2. Ted Lasso

3. The Flight Attendant

4. Dead to Me

5. The Great 

One of our big misses at the Golden Globes was predicting that the bloom was off the rose with Schitt’s Creek and the new kid in town Ted Lasso was going to usurp the crown. Of course, Schitt’s Creek was simply unstoppable. If Ted Lasso couldn’t take the series win from the organization that routinely pulls fast ones because they love a hot new series, it’s hard to imagine how they could conquer the Schitt’s here. That’s especially when you consider that, like The Crown, the series has four of the ten acting nominations in the comedy series categories, giving us definitive proof that the SAG voters love not just one performance from the show, but the whole ensemble. Expect to see flags flying high over Canada on Sunday night. 

There you have it! How do you think we did? We’ll find out the answer on Sunday night, April 4th, when the SAG Awards air at 9:00pm ET. For now, let us know if we’re on the right page, or do your predictions differ from our own? What big surprises should we be looking out for? Who are your favorites?

Follow along on Sunday night to see how the ARTV team does.


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Written by Abe Friedtanzer

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